Four Reasons 'American Horror Story' Fans Want Season 2 to Be Set in a Hospital

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"American Horror Story" was such a huge hit, that people are already talking about its return, even though it isn't due on our screens again until much later this year! Recently, a picture showed up online, which looked like a promo poster for Season 2. Set in a hospital, fans went crazy over it, until it turned out that it is probably no more than an elaborate piece of fan art. Even so, the theory that the new season will be set in a hospital is quite a popular one. Here are four reasons that a hospital setting for "American Horror Story" would be brilliant.

It was hinted

Show creator Ryan Murphy explained that they had dropped clues into the last few episode of Season 1 about where the next season would take place. Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) spent some time in an asylum, and fans were super excited by the idea of a whole show themed around that one place. If it turns out to be true, it wasn't very subtle, but it doesn't matter. It seems to be the scenario everyone is hoping for.

The creep factor would be a lot higher

Any scene in a TV show that involves a psychiatric ward or hospital always has an underlying darkness to it. Knowing how completely chilling "American Horror Story" was during its first season, the idea that Season 2 might be set in an asylum sends shivers up and down the spine! It is hard to imagine exactly what scary and spooky things Murphy and his team could create in such an unusual environment, but that is all part of the fun!

It is delightfully twisted

Remember in Season 1, when Constance (Jessica Lange) tried to poison Violet (Taissa Farmiga) by putting drugs into the cakes she baked for her? We all felt sick with worry for the youngest Harmon, but Constance's demeanor put us oddly at ease with what she was doing. It is that kind of weirdness that made the show work so well. Now, imagine it in a hospital, full of very unwell people. It is unimaginably sinister, but in a way that makes people want to see what will happen next.

There is no telling what will really happen when Season 2 begins, but it's certain that there are big plans ahead to make viewers squirm with discomfort, and hide behind their pillows in fear! A hospital setting for "American Horror Story" would be a gigantic leap from the murder house, and one that can only serve the show well.

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