Four Spinoff Ideas for 'How I Met Your Mother'

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The whole premise of "How I Met Your Mother" is basically one long story being told through a bunch of smaller stories. While the identity of the mother may be a source for debate among fans of the show, that riddle may be one of the most unnecessary to solve. The cast is what makes "How I Met Your Mother" such a great half-hour comedy. Still, the group could actually spin off several series based on the characters already seen every week. Here is a look at four potential spin-off ideas:


Imagine the fun that Neil Patrick Harris could create with a half-hour dedicated to Barney. Not only could the show circle back and forth around his many bad habits, but it would allow some exploration into the depths of the character and what actually went wrong in Barney's life. Plus, he might even be up for doing a musical episode, and have the cast of "Glee" guest star on his show.

Marshall & Lilly

The resident couple on the show could definitely carry their own sitcom. The show could follow the pair as they embark on parenthood. While guest appearances from the rest of the "HIMYM" cast would be important, both Marshall and Lilly's family could be explored with what would likely be hilarious results. While both get ample story lines and screen time as it is, their own show would showcase two very funny people in Jason Segel and Alyson Hannigan.

Barney & Robin

The likelihood of Barney & Robin being destined for each other looks far more likely every season, and giving the two their own show would capitalize on the talents of both Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders. The two just seem to have a chemistry and natural feel for each other that spending a half-hour with them would be a pleasant experience, plus the characters' fish-out-of-water take on each other would only emphasize the comedy.

"How I Met Your Father"

In what would have been the most complimentary shows ever, "How I Met Your Father" would explore the unknown mother's point-of-view of the dating scene. Since men and women sometimes have ridiculously opposite viewpoints on how their relationship got started, this show would be perfect. Imagine another group of friends, perhaps even in another city, that are as comical and as likable as the cast of "How I Met Your Mother." But this can be taken even further with the two shows being combined to tell one story in "How We Met Each Other," or would that be taking things a step to far?

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