Four Valentine's Day Liz-asters from '30 Rock'

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Broken Heart

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Broken Heart

If you're not looking forward to Valentine's Day this year, you're not alone. For Liz Lemon and the gang on "30 Rock," the holiday tends to start off promising and end in disaster. Here are four Valentine's Days worse than yours.

  • 'Up All Night' - "Hi. My name is Liz Lemon and I received flowers from your shop tonight and I can't tell who they're from? No, I did read the card, but it's not signed. No, I'm not with so many men that it's impossible for me to guess. Well that is just…. Oh, you know what? I found the card! They're from your mom. So tell your gay mom I said thanks." Liz's Valentine's Day is looking up for once when she gets flowers delivered to her office. Jason Sudeikis guest stars as Floyd, the really cute guy who shows up at her office the next morning to explain that they were supposed to go to his girlfriend, Liz Lemler, in this episode from Season 1.
  • 'St. Valentine's Day' - "Boy, I hope that guy's not planning to kill her and eat her." Liz's date with the inexplicably handsome Dr. Drew Baird gets off to an awkward start with some unintentional overexposure and, like Drew's bedridden mother, takes a turn for the worse. Jon Hamm guest stars in this train wreck from Season 3.
  • 'Anna Howard Shaw Day' - "I scheduled a root canal for February 14th, Jack. I will spend half the day in twilight sleep and then I will go home and watch the Original Lifetime movie 'My Stepson is my Cyber Husband.'" Liz Lemon would rather have oral surgery than worry about finding a date for Valentine's Day, but now she can't even find a ride home from the dentist's office. Jon Bon Jovi, Jon Hamm, Jason Sudeikis, and Dean Winters appear in this gem from Season 4.
  • 'Double-Edged Sword' - "Can I tell you what I hate about you? You're so stubborn when you think you're right, even when the answer is on the Trivial Pursuit card." "The card was wrong! And you're no better, Carol. You built that bookshelf incorrectly!" "I did not! I wanted the books to slide off!" When Liz boards a plane piloted by her boyfriend, she learns that dating someone you have too much in common with can be a double-edged sword. Matt Damon kills the romance in this episode from Season 5.

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