'Fringe' fans want answers -- and they are going to get them!

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"Fringe" has a seriously loyal following, one of the most loyal followings of any sci-fi show on TV. The sheer amount of fan fiction and number of fan reviews, online groups, discussion boards, and seemingly endless comments on "Fringe" articles are overwhelming. So, now that the show is coming to an end, what needs to happen to make all these fans happy? Well, it's different for everyone, but one thing is for sure: They want answers!

Fans want answers to all questions involving the major mythology

In the fan group "Fringetastic Friends," a private group on Facebook, most fans have said that the one thing they want above all is for all their questions to be answered. They don't want anything left to the imagination when the series wraps up its fifth and final season.

Fans want to know not only why the Observers have decided to rule the Earth and play God, but also where they came from and when they began their observations. If time has no meaning to them, why do they play with the timeline? Why do they care about toying with humanity? How do the actions of humans affect the Observers, or are we just like creatures in a horse race, with the Observers taking bets on what will happen when they make various changes? Why do some of them, such as August and September, appear to be more susceptible to emotions than others?

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According to the show's executive producer, Joel Wyman, "Season 5 is designed to be very important, a huge payoff for loyal fans." He went on to say that he understands that fans want all their questions answered, and he wants to do just that. Wyman wants the conclusion to be completely satisfying, and so do we!

Fans don't want an end like the Season 4 finale

Many fans have said that they don't want a "sappy" ending to the series. The Season 4 finale was an action-packed, mind-blowing adventure. Then came the very end of the episode, when Olivia (Anna Torv) told Peter (Joshua Jackson) she was pregnant. That is exactly the kind of sappiness many fans want the show to avoid. It might be a network show, but it should stay true to its sci-fi roots.

Fans want to be surprised

"Fringe" fans have all stated at one point or another that they would like the final season to surprise them. They want what they've come to expect from the series, which is to have their minds blown. They want to walk away from the show not knowing what hit them. This is to be expected -- mind-blowing is what "Fringe" has been all about from the beginning.

An interview with John Noble revealed that most or all of Season 5 would take place in the year 2036, with the Observers playing God -- as seen in the Season 4 teaser episode, "Letters of Transit." Building on that storyline, some fans would like to see a paradox ending in which the Observers never happened, yet the results of their actions (such as saving alternate Peter) still exist. Perhaps the Observers will have their way with us, but we will learn of another alternate universe nobody has seen on the show before, and it's actually the real Earth! Talk about mind-blowing.

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Other fans would like to see something shocking in the way of character development. For instance, Walter could sacrifice himself for Peter if one of them must die (or not exist in the first place) to save the world in some sort of paradoxical situation.

The details are fuzzy

It's understandable that fans' hopes and wishes for the final season vary. Some fans would like to see at least one major character die, in an ultimate no-wussing-out closure. Others would prefer to see a happier ending, in which all the characters survive and live happily ever after (yet somehow avoid sappiness).

Another thing fans disagree on is whether to leave the ending open to the possibility of future movies. Some want to see the series continue on the big screen, and others feel the show should end in a way that leaves them finally and fully satisfied.

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Whatever the conclusion, Joel Wyman's promise to give fans a sense of closure is promising. Not every fan will be happy with the details, but you can bet their questions will be answered and their minds blown!

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