'Fringe' series finale: Fans want a happy ending, but what does that really mean?

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It's a sad day for "Fringe" fans. Tonight, our favorite brain-bending sci-fi show is coming to a close, and many are worried that it will be gone forever. "Fringe" has explored fringe science concepts to change our conception of how the universe works, if only in our minds. It's troubling to take a series so profound and rip it away from devotees after only five years. Some fans want it to go on forever. Above all else, they want the show to have a happy ending in some form, especially if it's "fringy."

To reset the timeline or not to reset the timeline

The great majority of fans on the Save Fringe Facebook page and the private Fringetastic Friends Facebook group said they want the show to have, in some way, a happy ending. The majority of Save Fringe followers are hopeful that the timeline will be reset. Many said that ideally, "Fringe" should conclude with Peter (Joshua Jackson) and Olivia (Anna Torv) back in the park with Etta (Georgina Haig). Most of the Fringetastic Friends group -- and these are hardcore fanatics -- said the exact opposite. Most did not want the timeline to be reset, throwing away everything that happened in Season 5.

What would constitute a happy ending?

Not surprisingly, the definition of "happy ending" varies between "Fringe" fans. The Facebook majority feels that a happy ending to the show means that everyone lives happily ever after, and just as importantly, nobody dies. Others feel that at least one character, such as Walter (John Noble), should make the ultimate sacrifice, only to live on again when the timeline is reset. Very few fans feel that a sacrifice should be permanent.

Fans want "Fringe" movies or books -- or for the show to never end!

Many devotees specifically stated that they want "Fringe" to live on in movies similar to the new "Star Trek" reboot, which is also part of the J.J. Abrams galaxy. Movies, books, future TV shows -- it's all doable! Just like "Star Trek," "Fringe" has multiple timelines and universes. It could live on forever, taking on different forms.

Expect the unexpected!

Which group of fans will get their wish? One thing we should know by now is that, when it comes to "Fringe," we don't always know what we want. The writers of "Fringe" have always taken care of us by coming up with something we never expected. Some fans alluded to this, saying that they want the show to end happily but in a totally surprising way; as in ditch the ending in the park, because that is what's most expected. They want something they could never have fathomed.

One of the admins of the Fringetastic Friends group, Shellie L Wong, summed it up perfectly: "I don't want some 'happily ever after' story tale. This isn't 'Once Upon a Time,' it's 'Fringe,' and I'd love a huge 'OMFringe did that really just happen,' edge of my seat ending that ties up all the loose ends. Something that gives us closure, that satisfies; an ending that lets me know my Fringe team will carry on and be Fringey." Well said, Shellie! Now let's all carry on and be Fringey!

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