Fun Facts About Ziva David of 'NCIS'

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With "NCIS" Agent Ziva David being so diverse in her military skills, she has become a huge asset for her Mossad counterpart team. She has a knife as one of her backup weapons which impresses Gibbs.

Ziva David joins "NCIS."

Ziva David joined the "NCIS" team after the death of Agent Kate Todd. Agent Todd was killed in the line of duty by Ziva's brother, Ari.

Ziva David was formally a Mossad officer serving under her dad, Eli David. She was her brother's, Ari Haswari, handler in the Mossad. During an assignment from the Mossad director, she was ordered to kill Ari to get close to Agent Gibbs while being a liaison with "NCIS."

After being sent back to the Mossad by Director Vance, Ziva was injured during an explosion at a night club she was performing at while undercover. After Tony DiNozzo killed Ziva's boyfriend, Michael, she took his body back to Isreal where she worked with her father in Mossad for a second time.

She and another Mossad agent was sent on a mission to Africa. The ship they were on went down. They survived and made it to North Africa where Ziva set off on her own to finish the mission. She was taken hostage and tortured by the bad guys. Tony, McGee, and Gibbs go to North Africa on a non-sanctioned mission to save Ziva.

Ziva has become a member of the "NCIS" team after becoming a U.S. citizen. She is now a probationary agent. Ziva has became a valuable member of the "NCIS" team.

Ziva and her coworkers at "NCIS."

Ziva and Tony have a "Tom and Jerry" style of relationship. They take turns taunting each other over work and nonwork related issues. Tony found Ziva sleeps with a gun and snores worse than any man he knows. He learned this about her when they were undercover for a case.

Supposedly Tony had been going to Ziva's apartment once a week for three months before it was bombed. While it has never been clear if they had a sexual relationship, Ziva's concerns to Gibbs leads one to believe there is something going on between the two of them.

Ziva and Abby didn't get along when Ziva joined the team. Abby's animosity towards Ziva was due to just loosing her best friend and coworker Kate Todd. Over time, Ziva and Abby have became friends and hang out together.

Gibbs has taken a shyin' to Ziva in a similar way he has for Abby. Ziva made a comment to Tony she finds a certain vavavoom in older gray haired men. Her reference was geared towards Gibbs in the observation room during a Gibbs interrogation.

Ziva and McGee have always had a better relationship than the others from day one. They act more like a brother and sister than coworkers. Ziva and McGee live in the same suburb, Silver Spring.

Ziva's life before the Mossad and "NCIS."

Ziva had one half-brother and one sister. Both died in separate incidents. Her mother has never been seen by anyone.

Ziva played with Battleship and G.I. Joe rather than with girly dolls. She also took ballet and can sing.

Ziva's personal life.

She likes to drink "Berry Mango Madness" and eat falafels for lunch when out on a case.

Zive prefers to read over watching television. This is why she does not get any of Tony's movie references. She does how ever like the musical "The Sound of Music."

As far as her music interests go, she plays the piano, sings, and likes Hadag Nahash an Israeli hip-hop and funk band.

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