'Futurama' Canceled, 'The Cleveland Show' Is Likely Axed: What Animated Series Might Be Next?

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It's a dark time for cartoon fans: "Futurama" has been canceled, and things are also looking grim for "The Cleveland Show."

While "The Cleveland Show" has yet to be canceled, the Fox series hasn't received an order for more episodes from the network.

As for "Futurama," this is actually the third time the show has been canceled since its premiere way back in 1999. After getting picked up by Comedy Central after Fox let the show go, Comedy Central is now the one canceling the critically acclaimed series. It's too bad: "Futurama" has won the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy twice (2002 and 2011).

Seeing both "Futurama" and "The Cleveland Show" get axed within days of each other has some TV fans worried. These other animated series with devoted adult followings could be next!

"The Simpsons"

Back in 2011, there were some legitimate fears that "The Simpsons" would go off the air. That year, the voice actors on the show were asked to take a pay cut. Clearly, the show didn't get canceled.

Currently airing is Season 24 of "The Simpsons," set to conclude on May 19. The show has already been renewed for next season, but it's entirely possible that the network and the show's creative team will decide that 25 years of "The Simpsons" is enough. Most fans agree that the heyday of "The Simpsons" ended sometime around Season 9; perhaps it is finally time for this cash cow to get put out to pasture.

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force"

For legions of college students, the animated exploits of Frylock, Shake, Meatwad, and Carl are appointment viewing. Airing as part of the late-night programming block on Adult Swim, "ATHF" has been on the air since 2000. The series has also spawned two feature films.

The show ran for seven seasons, and then changed its name to "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" for reasons that have more to do with comedy and less to do with a change in format or characters.

After one season under that name, the show's title was changed again to "Aqua Something You Know Whatever." Season 10 is set to hit later this summer under the moniker "Aqua TiVo Avoidance Plan." Does this recent pattern of somewhat apathetic-sounding series titles indicate that "ATHF" is beginning to wind down? Only time will tell.

"Ugly Americans"

There's nothing more frustrating for TV fans than not knowing whether their favorite show is canceled or renewed. Unfortunately, that seems to be the situation with "Ugly Americans," a supernatural animated series on Comedy Central. The show's second season finale aired over a year ago, but Comedy Central has yet to officially announce the show's renewal or cancellation.

IMDB lists the show's run as "2010-," which indicates that the show isn't over yet. Even more confusing for fans is this Wiki page, which lists the run for "Ugly Americans" as being between 2010 and 2015. Given how long it's been since the last new episode aired, it seems likely that this show won't be returning, much to the dismay of the show's passionate devotees.

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