'Game of Thrones': The best casting on Season 3

Great actors are poised to take the stage in HBO's hit drama

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Although there are many things that make "Game of Thrones" an addicting series to watch, one of the best components of the show is its cast. Throughout the first two seasons, we have seen some of the finest acting talent recruited for the series, and it looks as if the third is going to keep up the trend of having some very great actors in some of the most complex roles of their lives.

Diana Rigg

Foremost among those who have been added to the cast is the magnificent and stately Diana Rigg, who is set to play the Queen of Thorns. Rigg, of course, is well known for her aristocratic bearing and her ability to play ice-cold characters, so we certainly have a lot to look forward to as she brings the most cantankerous and formidable of the many female characters of the series to screen. It will be quite a pleasure seeing the Queen of Thorns scheme and plot to put her own family's ambitions into motion.

Clive Russell

When it comes to hard-bitten and tough characters, few fit that description better than Brynden Tully, known as the Blackfish. Fortunately, it looks like the producers have found the perfect person to play him. Clive Russell has just the right amount of soft and hard to bring this emotionally complex and yet very strong character to the screen, and it will be particularly enjoyable to see how he deals with the challenges that Brynden will certainly face in the forthcoming season.

Ciaran Hinds

Last, we come to the great and venerable Ciaran Hinds, who has a powerful charisma that makes him an ideal person to play Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall. Hinds is no stranger to playing powerful characters, as he also portrayed Julius Caesar in HBO's "Rome." As a result, it seems pretty certain that he will be able to bring Mance to bright and brilliant life as the series follows Jon Snow's adventures beyond the Wall.

Clearly, there are a lot of fascinating faces that fans have to look forward to in "Game of Thrones" Seaon 3. With actors like these to bring these already-fascinating characters to life, I think it is a pretty sure bet that the forthcoming season of this very popular show is going to net HBO some more Emmy nominations and the show a fourth season.

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