'Game of Thrones' character spotlight: Robb Stark

The eldest Stark child shows great strength and startling folly

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Although not a point-of-view character within the novels, the character Robb Stark has come to play a prominent role in the television series "Game of Thrones." Through victory and crushing defeat throughout the first two seasons, we have found ourselves drawn increasingly into the struggles of Robb Stark.

From the very beginning, Robb has shown that he has the strength and the will, if not necessarily the wisdom, to be the ruler that will follow after his father. Indeed, all of these skills are put to the ultimate test when his father Eddard is put to death by the treacherous and vicious Joffrey. Fortunately, by the time that the first season ended, he had already proven that he had the wherewithal to not only withstand but also to meet head-on the challenges posed by the Lannisters and their allies in King's Landing.

It was in the second season, however, that Robb really came into his own as the King in the North, though it cost him a great deal to do so. Pulled in several different directions by his vassals and those who owed him allegiance, he also had to do what he could to avenge his father and attempt to rescue both of his sisters. Fortunately for those in the North, he was able to prove his strength, even when his mother showed that her interests were not necessarily aligned with his own.

Unfortunately, the second season also saw him make a misstep that might yet prove to have fatal consequences. When he decides to wed a woman of common birth, despite the intricate marriage plans on his mother, he finally gives in to his own desire to be happy. Unfortunately, it is not in the role and life of kings to seek their own happiness, and it remains to be seen just how far the ripples from this mistake will spread and how many will ultimately have to pay for the happiness of one king.

As we start gearing up for the advent of the third season of "Game of Thrones," it seems that Robb will have a large role to play, as he still has to defend his position and attempt to regain his sisters from the Lannister captivity. Will he be able to summon the strength needed to defend his people, or will he be brought low by the forces that are arrayed against him?

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