'Game of Thrones': Meet some of the new faces

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As "Game of Thrones" gears up for its third season, the question continues to be, "How is the series going to be able to cope with so many new characters?" Well, the key is to focus on some of the more fascinating ones and, in that spirit, here are some of the more engaging characters set to take the stage in the next season.

Mance Rayder

When it comes to new characters set to take the stage, none is as fascinating or as enigmatic as Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall who has somehow managed to unite the Wildlings under his banner. Although his part has not yet been cast, Mance is a crucial player in the continuing drama unfolding both north and south of the Wall. After all, any man who is able to unite the fractious and squabbling Wildings into a semblance of a united nation is a man to be feared, and only the fools will disregard the power that he wields.

Olenna Redwyne (Tyrell)

How can you not look forward to this character when she is set to be played by the great British actress Diana Rigg? Although she has a fairly minor part to play in the books, the fact that they have changed Margaery's character to take a more prominent role seems to suggest that they may do the same thing for the Queen of Thorns. If Cersei thought she had enough to deal with now that a daughter-in-law has entered the scene, she may have an even more unpleasant surprise in store when she has to deal with this redoubtable old lady. The seeds have been sown for a titanic showdown between these two formidable female characters.


What to say about Qyburn? Perhaps one of the most enigmatic characters in the books, Qyburn is also one of the most dangerous. As a disgraced maester, he has the knowledge to do great harm, and the ruthlessness that makes him all the more dangerous. He is good at playing multiple sides of the field, and the experiments he undertakes in the dungeons are truly horrible. He should make a most interesting addition to the seething cauldron of deceit and danger that King's Landing has increasingly become.

If you have not yet experienced the great stage that is "Game of Thrones," then hopefully this new slate of riveting and complex characters will draw you into one of the best shows currently on television.

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