Gearing up for 'Project Runway: All Stars' Season 2: Who will win?

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Season 10 of "Project Runway" may have come to an end, but fans of the show can still get their weekly fix of fashion and drama. A new season of "Project Runway: All Stars" is set to premiere on Oct. 25. This time around, there are 13 designers competing for a shot at "Runway" glory and redemption.

Here's the all-star cast:

Season 1: Wendy Pepper

Season 2: Andrae Gonzalo

Season 3: Kayne Gillaspie and Uli Herzner

Season 5: "Suede" Baum

Season 6: Althea Harper

Season 7: Emilio Sosa

Season 8: Carlos Casanova, Peach Carr, and Ivy Higa

Season 9: Anthony Ryan Auld, Laura Kathleen, and Joshua McKinley

It's a pretty august gathering of former contestants, and there are many names on this list that seemed strangely absent from the first season of "All Stars." But the question on everyone's mind is obvious: Which one of these talented designers will win the season?

The unlikely candidates

There are a couple of names that can be crossed off the list right off the bat. Wendy Pepper has had nearly a decade to change her ways, but her taste level is still probably not high enough to score her the win. Her sneaky ways may keep her around for a while, but there's no way she'll take home the fashion crown.

Peach Carr is sweet woman, but she may not produce work that is cutting edge. Likewise, Kayne is also limited: He designs amazing pageant gowns but has he expanded his portfolio enough to master more avant-garde challenges?

The saddest thing about this lineup of "All Stars" is the inclusion of Andrae. Sure, he did some great work in his season, but without Tim Gunn and Santino Rice, who will continue the story of Andrae's adventures at Red Lobster? He probably won't make it to the finals, but he may just have another emotional breakdown on the runway.

The big contenders

Uli Herzner made a splash in Season 3, where she designed beachy, flowing looks. She is a master at mixing textiles, has shown versatility and a willingness to listen to critiques, and often moves outside her comfort zone. She's had years to up her game, and she's a strong contender for the finale.

Emilio Sosa is probably best remembered for his "ESOSA" fabric from the make-your-own-patterned-cloth challenge. He also had four consecutive wins going into the finale during his season. He's a force to be reckoned with and a heavy favorite to take home the gold.

Out of all the contenders, Joshua McKinley probably wants it the most. He was famously outspoken about losing his season, and his loss is the most recent. With the sting of defeat still fresh, Josh will fight tooth and nail for a spot in the finale. But will he have matured enough as a designer to wow the judges?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Whoever wins this season of "All Stars" could gain some serious traction and further their fashion career in epic ways.

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