The New Generation on 'The Young and the Restless'

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As fans of "The Young and the Restless" continue to watch the show, they see characters changing and new people being brought on. You can't but wonder what does this mean for the future of "The Young and the Restless"? The show used to be about the fight between Victor Newman and the Abbots. You always knew each afternoon that you were going to enjoy some harsh words and evil business tactics going on between the two. Now you have no idea what you will encounter on the show. Fans have watched Katherine Chancellor find children that she never knew she had. It took the woman what seems like an eternity to think about her children and find them.

Fans know that if Katherine Chancellor would have wanted to find her children, she could have done this years ago. What seems to make the story line even more interesting is the fact that she has a biracial grandson. Who would have ever thought the show could catch up with the current times? There are not too many daytime soaps left for housewives and house husbands to enjoy, but those who watch this show are always in for a special treat each afternoon.

Although times are changing on the show, some of the old faces are still constant. Characters such as Lily Winters Ashby, Abby Newman, Devon Winters and Chloe Abbot are the faces of the future of the show. These characters will keep the names of the family going on long after the old characters are no longer able to make appearances. It makes you wonder, just what is the future of "The Young and the Restless"? How long will the show continue to run, or will it finally run its course at the end of the season? Only time will tell how long the people of Genoa City will be able to come into our homes and create such mystery and keep us entertained.

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