Gina Torres to guest on 'Castle': 'Firefly' cameos signify end of series

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Gina Torres, one of Nathan Fillion's costars on "Firefly," will guest star in a February 2013 episode of "Castle." Torres will be the second major "Firefly" alum to guest on the show in less than a year (Adam Baldwin guested in April 2012). This should lead fans to believe the show is winding down. Here's why.


Torres will be appearing on "Castle" during sweeps in an attempt to pull in the "Firefly" fans who wish to see Zoe and Mal reunited at least one more time. Fillion had great chemistry with the woman who played his second-in-command, and hopefully this will convert well to the detective show. There will likely also be references to their original show during their dialogue or other interactions for sci-fi fans to eat up.

Jumping the shark

One thing creators do that signifies a "jumping the shark" moment is bringing on special guests with the sole purpose of raising ratings instead of increasing the overall character or storyline depth. Baldwin's appearance last year and Torres's appearance this year are obviously stabs by the creators of "Castle" to snare more "Firefly" fans. Granted, the show has made references to the cult classic before, but those were quick references that fans had to watch for and were not nearly as obvious as bringing in actors from the show.


When creators of a show know the clock is ticking, ideas that were pushed off for one reason or another will come to fruition before the show ends. "Firefly" fans know Fillion has stayed close with many of his former cast members, so it would make sense for him to want to work with some of them again on "Castle." Andrew Marlowe, the creator of Fillion's current show would be more likely to give in to requests once time was running out on the story between Castle and Beckett.

The future?

Browncoats ("Firefly" fans) should expect another cameo or two as "Castle" comes to a close. It would be interesting if Shepherd Book (played by Ron Glass) was the minster at Rick and Kate's wedding or if Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, or Jewel Staite were revealed as Kate's cousins. Maybe Sean Maher or Alan Tudyk could sit in on one of the poker games that Rick supposedly still holds, even though they are not shown anymore. The possibilities are endless in what will probably be the last season of "Castle" during its 2013/14 season run.

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