'Glee' Keeps the Serious Story Lines Coming

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"Glee" has made a habit of addressing serious issues. Because the show covers so much ground, creatively touching on elements of a number of different genres, it has a certain amount of flexibility worked right into the premise. The flexibility has worked wonders on the show. The characters have undergone some truly traumatic events, but through friends, family, and song, have managed to come out on the other side. Just a few of the memorable and important story lines that "Glee" has addressed:

Teen Sex

The latest episode, "First Time," ruffled more than a few feathers for its portrayal of teen sex. However, as fans should be pretty quick to point out, the scenes that directly covered the sex on "Glee" were tame in comparison to what can be found on a number of other shows. While certainly not the first show to explore the pressure and stress that occurs in young lives, "Glee" managed to cover a number of views of sex in one short hour.


While the argument can be made that the entire club gets bullied on a regular basis, the situation was much worse for Kurt in Season 2. However, with help from his friends and family, Kurt managed to conquer his bully without resorting to violence. Of course, he owes a lot to the story line, because it is what brought him and Blaine together.

Teen Pregnancy

Season 1 of "Glee" was full of potential pitfalls for ordinary television shows. A teen pregnancy and a woman faking a pregnancy to keep her husband do not exactly equal positive stories that could inspire song. While Quinn is having a bit of trouble in Season 3, the show is continuing to explore the pain and difficulty that the character is enduring as a direct result of the choices she made. Meanwhile, Will and Terry did the only thing that made sense after her dreadful and despicable actions -- they divorced.

Teen Drinking

Putting teen in front of drinking is a bit of a cop out, because no matter what age is being covered, there is always a lesson that can be learned from drinking irresponsibly. Downing a mystery concoction before heading on stage to dance around had a chilling effect when the purple ooze started to flow. Disgusting? Yes. Effective? Oddly, yes. The effects and potential dangers of boozing it up were touched upon, and as usual the grand effect was staged with a song.

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