'Glee-vil': Ranking the past and present villains

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In a show about underdogs, villains are essential. Take "Glee," for example. What fun would it be for New Directions to not have someone stand in the way of their struggle to make Nationals. The "villain" may not necessarily be an evil person but simply a bump in the road to happiness. Here is a list of some of the more notable "Glee" villains and how they stack up against the rest. Since we all know that Sue Sylvester is the ultimate in "Glee-vil" (even when the writers try to humanize her), she will be left off of the list.

Kitty (Becca Tobin)

With two departing Cheerios, which included smart mouthed Santana (Naya Rivera), it was only fitting that "Glee" try to bring in another girl to fill the sharp-tongued void. Enter Kitty, an overly religious, tart-tongued firecracker that never met an insult she did not like. Whether she's harassing Marnie (Melissa Benoist) or trying to win the heart of Jake (Jacob Artist), Kitty fires off her words with laser precision. The only problem is that the ugly side of Kitty is the only side the audience has seen. Unless the writers decide to humanize her (or at least flesh her out a bit more), Kitty will remain a one-note annoyance.

Terry Schuester (Jessalyn Gilsig)

Before Kitty, Terry was the most hated "Glee" character in the eyes of most fans, especially when she tried to convince Will (Matthew Morrison) that she was pregnant. Will eventually learned of her deception, causing him to leave and finally hook up with his true love Emma (Jayma Mays). Though Terry wasn't liked, no one can deny that, like Kitty, she often got a lot of the best lines, which Gilsig seemed to have a lot of fun delivering. Perhaps if the writers had chosen to flesh out Terry a bit more, the character might have stuck around.

Sebastian (Grant Gustin)

If anything was supposed to come between Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), we certainly thought it would have been the handsome (yet somewhat creepy) Sebastian. From the moment he first glanced at Blaine during the "Uptown Girl" number, it was clear that Sebastian would do anything to get the former Dalton hunk. How low did he sink? Well, Sebastian attempted to literally hurt Kurt by throwing a slushie with rock salt in his face (but got Blaine instead) and tried to blackmail Rachel by threatening to release Photoshopped pictures of Finn. The writers later tried to make Sebastian learn the error of his ways when he took donations to help teens, like Dave Karofsky (a sorely missed Max Adler), but it all felt a bit forced.

Dave Karofsky (Max Adler)

Speaking of Karofsky, his story was the way a "villain" should be handled on a show like "Glee." When the audience was first introduced to the character, he seemed like nothing more than a one-dimensional bully -- someone who took great pleasure in pushing others into lockers without the slightest remorse. But then something strange happened: After a heated exchange with Kurt, Dave leans in for a surprise kiss that gives the audience insight into the character's inner turmoil. His journey may not have been easy, but thanks to successful writing and acting, the audience was there every step of the way with Dave.

Who do you think made a great "villain" on "Glee"?

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