Going overboard: TV’s coolest boats, from 'Dexter' to 'Miami Vice'

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TV fans get obsessive about cars: There probably isn't a kid alive who hasn't pretended to drive around in their very own Batmobile, General Lee, or KITT. But for some reason, fans seldom have the same reaction to boats. Perhaps it's because Americans are just plain car crazy, but over the years, there have been some really cool boats on the small screen that don't get the love they deserve. From dramas to educational programs, these awesome boats are totally deserving of some fan love.

The Slice of Life, "Dexter"

Dexter Morgan is a bit like Batman, minus the costume. After his mother was killed in front of him, he underwent years of training to combat crime, vigilante-style. He doesn't really have a cool car like Batman, but Dexter does have a pretty sweet boat. It's called the Slice of Life: a fitting name for a serial killer's boat. And because he only ever targets other killers, it's pretty easy to root for Dex.

The Slice of Life is Dexter's way to dispose of the bodies, but he also uses it to relax and escape from the city when the mood strikes him. There's something thrilling about a boat that can take him into international waters if his secret ever gets revealed. Forget a getaway car…TV fans should be clamoring for more getaway boats!

The Endeavour sailboat and the Chris Craft Stinger 390, "Miami Vice"

Here's another show that based in Miami. Legions of fans wanted to emulate the cool lifestyle of Sonny Crockett by living on an Endeavour sailboat. Crockett was seen living on two different Endeavour models over the course of the series. Fans were so crazy for the show that, according to Wikipedia, "The Endeavour 42 used for the 1986 season of Miami Vice was sold to a midwest couple, while the Endeavour 40 sailboat was sold to a chartering service in Fort Lauderdale." The Endeavour was named "St. Vitus' Dance," which was kind of an odd name. St. Vitus' Dance is actually the name of a motor function disorder.

While Crockett lived on the sailboat, most of the action scenes in the first season used a Chris Craft Stinger 390 speedboat. In later seasons, this speedboat was replaced by a Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV. In 1986, this boat was worth about $130,000.

Yesterday's News, "Mythbusters"

In one episode of "Mythbusters," the team sets out to build a seaworthy vessel out of frozen newspapers. The team called the boat "Yesterday's News." Using tons of volunteer help and about 2,000 pounds of newspaper, the team built the boat, attached a motor, and actually got the darn thing to work. It doesn't get any cooler than a frozen boat, no matter how old you are.

The "I'm on a Boat" Boat, "SNL"

Who could forget this hilarious "SNL" Digital Short? The name of this luxury yacht was the "Never Say Never," and it was utterly cool. If you really could fly a boat to the moon, that would be the boat to do it on.

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