'Golden Boy' Canceled: Is Actor Chi McBride Cursed?

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"Golden Boy" -- "Pilot"

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Walter Clark Jr. (Theo James, left) is partnered with and mentored by experienced veteran Detective Don Owen (Chi McBride, right) in the new CBS drama "Golden Boy."

Performers are a superstitious lot: Try saying "Macbeth" in a theater filled with actors and see what happens! But even if you aren't particularly superstitious, you have to wonder if actor Chi McBride is cursed. Despite being a great actor, it seems that every TV show that's cast him in a main role over the past decade has been short-lived.

Chi McBride is a talented actor who is arguably best known for his role as Principal Steven Harper on "Boston Public." He has also had guest roles on "Psych," "Monk," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Suits." While his work on "Boston Public" was critically acclaimed, McBride has seemingly had a "curse" on him since the show ended in 2004.

The trend started with the 2005 Fox series "Killer Instinct." McBride played Lieutenant Matt Cavanaugh, the head of the Deviant Crimes Unit. The series ran for just 13 episodes, of which only nine were broadcast.

In 2007, McBride joined the cast of Bryan Fuller's "Pushing Daisies." He played Emerson Cod, a private detective who helped a man with the power to raise the dead. While the series has developed a cult following since its cancellation, "Pushing Daisies" struggled during its second season and got the axe from ABC execs.

After "Pushing Daisies" got buried, Chi McBride joined the cast of "Human Target" on Fox. He played Detective Laverne Winston. Despite an intriguing premise, "Human Target" ran for only 25 episodes.

Most recently, Chi McBride was part of the cast of the CBS crime drama "Golden Boy." Canceled earlier this month, "Golden Boy" was a show about the rise of a young police officer from homicide detective to the youngest-ever police commisioner. McBride played the young police officer's partner. Despite the clever use of flash-forwards to advance the story and solid acting from McBride, "Golden Boy" was canceled after its freshman season.

Is Chi McBride really cursed? Probably not. But for some reason, this talented actor has repeatedly gotten involved with a string doomed TV shows; that's four troubled TV programs over the course of about a decade. Here's hoping that this performer can find a new TV project in 2014; one that could finally reverse the unfortunate trend. Maybe his next role should be on a show where he doesn't play any kind of law enforcement official.


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