'The Good Wife' recap: 'And the Law Won'

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In the premiere episode of "The Good Wife," Diane conjectured that the coming year for Lockhart Gardner would be even odder than the one before. It hasn't taken long for her to be proven correct. In the episode "And the Law Won," we see the trustee disturbingly asserting more power over the firm, Alicia getting caught up in more than one conflict of interest, and Kalinda completely losing her mind. It appears that this year is off to a roaring start.

Passion versus pragmatism

Will's first case after suspension involves a wrongful death suit against a riot policeman who used a taser three too many times on a demonstrator. With the firm in dire financial straits, trustee Hayden (Nathan Lane) urges Will and Diane to take the government's settlement offer of $800,000. The partners chastise Hayden for overstepping his authority and reject the offer with Will convinced he can get more money. The trustee warns them that their "passion over pragmatism" is what got them into bankruptcy in the first place.

A new law that allows jurors to issue written questions during the trial catches Will unaware. The "Law & Order" aficionados in the jury have a lot of perceptive queries, and he and Alicia are forced to scramble to find evidence that counters all the new doubts about the victim. It's starting to look like the trustee was right as the case swings away from them, and a desperately-needed Kalinda is nowhere to be found.

Kalinda's folly

"The Good Wife" has always painted Kalinda as mysterious character, a woman who's clever and resourceful, and whose motives are not always clear. The way she toys with people often comes back to haunt her, but her current job and friendship with Alicia helped soften her sharpest edges. Now that her sinister husband Nick (Marc Warren) is in town, she seems to have been sucked back into playing the most twisted sorts of mind games, and a dangerous mix of sex and violence.

Still insisting she wants him gone, Kalinda asks Alicia to release her husband as a client. As a dismissed Nick is angrily leaving the office, Kalinda stands in his sights and smirks wickedly at him. No matter how much she protests, it's clear she's still enjoying the game.

Between a rock and a hard place

Diane is hopeful when she discovers their new landlord, wealthy businesswoman Maddie Hayward (Maura Tierney), is a member of the same women-in-business group she belongs to. Hoping it will be enough of an in to get a renegotiation on their lease terms, Diane is surprised when Maddie asks for Alicia to make the offer to her.

Alicia makes the presentation, but it seems that Maddie is more interested in Alicia and her relationship with her husband than any lease agreement. Maddie also makes an awkward proposal of friendship, and since she doesn't have many female friends herself, Alicia agrees to get together for drinks. After this friendly meeting, Maddie offers to be a contributor to Peter's campaign, and refuses the new lease terms for Lockhart Gardner.

Even though she's not sure what she's even done, Alicia earns Peter's gratitude and Diane's suspicion. It's nice to see the respectful and loving way Peter's now looking at Alicia, but we can't help feeling that her new friendship with Maddie could be a big complication in her life and work.

Resolutions and more complications

After a serious reprimand from Will, Kalinda gets it together long enough to help them win their case. Will ends up earning the firm $2.5 million rather than the $800,000, so it appears passion won out this time. Trustee Hayden is still not happy, however, and he insists Alicia bring Nick back because he's a paying client. Hayden also appears to be making employee cuts based on what Alicia says about each person, despite her best efforts to remain neutral and refrain from his idea of "Thunderdome."

What do you think, "Good Wife" fans? Does Maddie have some ulterior motives? Is the trustee doing more harm than good? Will Alicia actually hire Nick back as a client?

"The Good Wife" airs every Sunday, typically at 9 PM ET on CBS.

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