'Gossip Girl' - The Beginning of The End

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'Gossip Girl' - The Beginning of The End

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'Gossip Girl' - The Beginning of The End

10 weeks from tonight, all your burning Gossip Girl questions will be answered. But before the show wraps up its scandalous six season run, there are plenty of twists, turns and reveals lying in wait! That's why TheInsider.com sat down with Gossip Girl executive producer Sara Goodman!

I not only hoped to get some fun teasers about what's to come, but have a frank conversation about the show's most controversial and polarizing storyline: the fight for Blair's heart! And whether you're Team Chair of Team Dair, you'll want to read on because it sounds like the best -- and worst -- is still to come!

TheInsider.com: Coming into this final season, what was the focus of the writers room?
Sara Goodman: Honestly, it was really important to go back to those primary relationships the show is built upon: our characters and the primary themes. There was a line in the pilot between Nate and Chuck where they wonder if they're just going to turn into their parents. This year, it was really important to address that with all the characters. We really focused on our characters and bringing everybody into the adult world.

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Insider.com: If it's about focusing on the primary characters, why did you bring in two seemingly major new characters in Barry Watson (who plays Steven, Serena's love interest) and Sofia Black-D'Elia (who plays Sage, Nate's love interest)?
Sara: In terms of Serena, we wanted to give her a love interest that was not someone we had seen with her yet. [Steven] is an adult and the question becomes, is Serena ready to become an adult herself? As for Sage, Nate is just better with a love interest. He's sexy and I'm excited for that relationship to play out. Plus, we needed a little bit of stirring it up. We can't have a sexless season!

Insider.com: Promos for the season premiere also show Chuck and Blair getting it on. I'm sure you know the Chuck/Blair/Dan love triangle became a sensitive subject for fans last year. First, are you Team Chair or Team Dair?
Sara: If I answer that question, do you know how much hate mail I'm going to get? [laughs] OK, I'm a Chair fan, but I was a big proponent of Dair because I actually feel that if Blair and Serena are our main characters, then Chuck and Dan are two sides of Blair. So the question becomes, which side is she going to be? Ultimately that's one of her mythological questions. I love Dan, he's one of my favorite characters, and I think you'll be very happy with his journey this season.

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Insider.com: Your co-EP, Stephanie Savage, told me at The CW's Upfront in May, "Blair loves Chuck." Should Dair fans take that as a sign it's the end of that storyline?
Sara: I'm not sure it’s done on all three of their accounts. Blair and Chuck have made this decision, but there are openings for Dan … or at least Dan thinks there might be! We'll see if he's really over [her]. The great thing about that is they know where their hearts lie, but as in real life, that sometimes makes things more difficult to have faith in.

Insider.com: Dan is also writing a new book this season inspired by his friends. Is Dan trying to burn bridges after this breakup?
Sara: He doesn't want to use pseudonyms this time. He wanted revenge, but what Dan starts to understand with this book is the power he actually has in this world, which he's never had before. And by using real names, he's taking control of it. That's why you’ll like Dan this season.

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Insider.com: Blair also seemingly needs to mend her relationship with Serena. Although, they not only do terrible things to one another, but they also seem to bring out the worst in each other. Did you guys spend any time thinking about whether or not Serena and Blair should actually try to repair their friendship?
Sara: I will say that we discussed all those possibilities and really look at that this season. With every single relationship on the show, we looked at it and said: "Would these people really be friends? Would they really be in a relationship?" Making it all the way from high school to adults, most of those friendships fall away. Serena and Blair's friendship is a separate arc that goes through this whole season.

Insider.com: What else are you excited for people to see this season?
Sara: I really do feel like when we sat down to talk about this season, for the writers, it was very clear what had brought all the characters to where they are and what we wanted to do in order to take them where they were going. Even though this season is short, we still have a lot of twists and turns. But unlike other years, those twists and turns are within our characters, so I think that we tried not to go back and undo the things that we had built, we tried to build on them.

Insider.com: Lastly, you and Stephenie revealed that Gossip Girl will be unmasked this year. Will she be played by Kristen Bell?
Sara: Kristen Bell is Gossip Girl's voice, but you'll have to wait and see what we did. Or what we didn't do. Last season we shifted people in trying to find her or taking over her site. Gossip Girl the person has really grown and changed with Gossip Girl the show and this year, she is as much a character as she has ever been.

Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW

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