The Greatest 'Big Brother' Alliances of All Time… and the Worst

The long-running CBS reality show is known for its array of alliances, but some were more powerful than others.

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The Moving Company has moved out.

Amid a racial slur scandal that rocked this summer's season of CBS's "Big Brother," the reality show's lone all-boy alliance crashed and burned following the eviction of its mastermind, Nick Uhas, last week. And while it only took a few weeks for the team of Spencer, McCrae, Howard, and Jeremy to turn on one other (er, or on Nick), the alliance had the potential to be great. This boys club did manage to evict powerhouse David Girton in Week 1, after all.

On "Big Brother Live Chat" -- you can see it here -- Uhas dished on the demise of his alliance, which, by the way, he originally wanted to call The Wolfpack.

"The first round of the MC rocked," he said. "Spencer may have been the first one to crack on it. The Moving Company went belly up. They crashed the moving truck into a bunch of trees, Spencer flew out, he's got a broken arm, Howard's probably scrambling around lifting weights, Jeremy's winning competitions, and McCrae's making pizza. It's done, don't even hashtag it anymore. No MC, no MC Hammer, no Mariah Carey. Done, it's all done!"

Alas, The Moving Co. joins past "Big Brother" alliances that were doomed before they even got into first gear. Here's a look back at past alliances that will live in infamy.

Chill Town

The alliance by which all other reality TV alliances are measured, "Big Brother" legends Dr. Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin formed the show's very first alliance, Chill Town, back in Season 2. Known for their hilarious faux phone calls and simultaneous "bwahahahs," the Brothers Chill each won seasons of "Big Brother": Kirby won Season 2 and Malin won the 2006 "All-Stars" edition.

Check out a compilation of their Chill Town phone calls:

The Brigade

Forget "Brenchel" and that lame "Saboteur" twist! "Big Brother" Season 12 featured The Brigade, an all-boys alliance formed on the second day in the house.

Enzo Palumbo created the alliance along with Matt Hoffman, Lane Elenburg, and Hayden Moss, and the goal was for the gang to make it to the Final 4 in the competition. (Mission almost accomplished: Three of its four members actually did.)

The powerhouse alliance -- which dominated that season's Head of Household competitions -- came complete with nicknames for its members: Hayden, who won that season, was nicknamed "The Animal," while the equally beast-like Lane was dubbed "The Beast." Matt, the team's resident brainiac, was labeled "The Brains," and Enzo gave himself the nickname "The Meow Meow." (In the words of The Beast: "We formed this alliance called The Brigade, and I have no clue what a brigade is.")

In an interview with Digital Spy, Enzo Palumbo -- who came in third place that season -- said, "Without the Brigade, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did. But without them, maybe I could have won this thing. At one point or another, I had a chance to get Hayden out and I should have… I definitely wanted a Brigade member to win, because I wanted us to leave a legacy."

Watch this spoof video of The Brigade's formation:

The Quack Pack

It may have had the worst name of any reality show alliance ever, but 2012's The Quack Pack actually packed (or should we say quacked?) a punch. Danielle Murphree, Shane Meaney, Dan Gheesling, Britney Haynes, and Ian Terry all quacked their way through Season 14 of the comp, with only Britney missing out on a spot in the Final 4.

Contestant Ian Terry told ET Online how he came up with the name for his unusual alliance: "Ducks are one of my favorite animals because people have likened my voice to a duck," he said. "Someone once told me it sounded like a duck was trying to escape from the back of my throat. Ducks are my favorite animal, so I went with it." It paid off: Terry was the winner of the $500,000 "Big Brother" jackpot, so he's definitely not a quack!

Check out the Quack Pack's favorite memories here.

The Friend Ship

Speaking of bad monikers, this poorly named alliance thought they were all that and a bag of slop, but America felt differently. A far cry from a "Friends"-like ensemble cast, the alliance of Maggie Ausburn, Ivette Corredero, April Lewis, Beau Beasley, and Jennifer Vasquez were nicknamed The Nerd Herd by rival alliance Sovereign Six. (We like that name better!) The Friend Ship was so hated, viewers overlooked all of them when it came time to award America's Choice goodies like a phone call from home. (Fan fave Janelle Pierzina won that one.) And by the time April got evicted by her "friend" Ivette, Ivette denounced the group's name, saying, "That's why I thought it was the tackiest and worst name they could ever call something, a Friend Ship."

In an interview with "The Early Show," Season 6 winner Maggie Ausburn gushed about the alliance's name ("That's why we were called 'The Friend Ship,' because we really cared about each other," she told host Julie Chen), but runner-up Ivette Corredero said, "I hate to be part of that friendship now, to be honest. That sounds horrible to say. I never liked the name 'Friend Ship' anyways. It's hard to play that game and say that you have a friendship going on. Right now, I don't have the best thoughts on those people." Yeah, with friends like these…

The Blonde-Tourage

A mean-girl vibe and doomed showmances highlight this Season 15 alliance. David Girton and Aaryn Gries, Jeremy McGuire and Kaitlin Barnaby, Jessie Kowalski and affiliate member GinaMarie Zimmerman made up the original incarnation of the Blonde-Tourage (Jessie soon quit the group), but they have bigger troubles than a really bad name: Gries and Zimmerman have both been fired from their real-world jobs after being caught on camera spewing racial slurs. Meanwhile, Jeremy has no problem putting his showmance and fellow alliance member Kaitlin on the block because he's "not on the show to find a wife."

"I didn't come here to get married. I came here to win $500,000," he said. Too bad he probably won't end up with either.

You can watch the latest episode of "Big Brother" here.

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