From Green Lantern to Mystique: Comic book characters deserving of their own TV series

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With the recent popularity of "Arrow" (and past shows like "Smallville"), there has been success in taking super heroes out of comic books and putting them on the small screen. Plus films like "The Dark Knight" and "The Avengers" have created a buzz for people who haven't even read a comic book. Yes, there have been some horrific adaptations, but it looks like Hollywood is paying attention to the world of the caped crusaders. One reason that these films and TV series have been thriving is the actors that are being cast to don a suit and cape. Here are a few comic book characters that when paired with the right actor would make an addictive TV series.

Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds is an obvious choice, but just hear me out. The actor who does the voice work on the recent "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" is Nathan Fillion, the lead actor on ABC's hit show "Castle." Richard Castle is similar to Green Lantern's alter ego Hal Jordan. One reason why this would work is that the origin story can be done in the first season, and viewers get to learn all about Hal Jordan's life. Fillion would do a phenomenal job creating a solid foundation for Hal Jordan, and in the following seasons, viewers can see all the great foes that Green Lantern faces not only on Earth, but in outer space.

The Punisher: There has recently been love for the dark hero or the bad boy trying to do "good." Shows like "Dexter" depict a guy taking the law into his own hands and making people think twice before committing a crime. This is the same M.O. that is seen in the comic books about Frank Castle, who becomes the vigilante The Punisher. Thomas Jane, who played Frank Castle in the 2004 film "The Punisher," made an even bigger impact with the YouTube short film that came out last year. With more than three million hits for the 10-minute short proves that there is an audience for this story as a TV show.

Nightwing: Nightwing was the first Robin in the Batman comic series. Dick Grayson used to be known as the boy wonder, but finally left Batman's shadow and became Nightwing. This would be an intriguing storyline for viewers to see how the first Robin left the Batcave and fought crime on his own. Viewers can relate to the character of Grayson knowing his backstory from the Batman series, but not that many outside the comic world know of how he became Nightwing. An actor who would play the role well would be Josh Hutcherson from the film "The Hunger Games," since he nailed the earnest role in that film, and he is around the age where Grayson strikes out on his own.

Mystique: Raven Darkhölme, who is better known as Mystique, has been a major hit in the "X-Men" film series. Don't believe me? Well, she has been in five of the X-Men films. Mystique is a mutant that has the ability to shape shift to look like any person she wants to impersonate. Now an Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence played a young Mystique, and Rebecca Romijn played the older version in the films. The TV series could go back and forth, where the viewers get to see her origin and see her adventures in present day. The viewing audiences already knows of Mystique from the films, and just like comic books, the storylines could be endless. Similar to shows like "Alias," Mystique could draw in viewers each week as long as her story keeps evolving.

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