'Grey's Anatomy': Dealing with Pregnancy on and off the Show

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"Grey's Anatomy" fans tuned in to see Dr. Cristina Yang get an abortion. Years ago this would be a big thing. Now it appears that the outrage and shock value on TV is no longer associated with this once taboo subject. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes produced the episode with no further ado. The fans seem to get it. It is not the act of abortion that was the issue for the episode. It was the feelings that some women go through when dealing with this issue. This is what Shonda was aiming for. Shonda orchestrates a mixed bag of emotions on the show for all her doctors who want (or don't want) babies. Shonda is also a board member of Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles and so she is quite familiar with the myriad of emotions babies and pregnancies can have on different women.

Sara Ramirez who plays Dr. Callie Ramirez faces threatening situations such as life or death and having a baby on the show. She is very happy with having a child. The actor is also considering having a baby in real life. The actor has recently gotten married and is thinking about motherhood. She is 36-years-old. She reported to Latina Magazine that she knows her biological clock is ticking. She also knows that raising a child is a serious matter which should never be taken lightly.

On the other hand, Sarah Drew who plays Dr. April Kepner on "Grey's Anatomy" is totally ecstatic about being pregnant in real life. She reported on Celebrity Baby Scoop, that her first ultrasound was, "just incredible". She is so happy to put an image to the little person who is growing inside of her. Sarah sees autumn as a new beginning. She is living her dream in her personal life and her career.

Sarah is anxious to meet her new baby; to bond and to share their lives together. She finds herself dreaming about the future and says that she believes there is a reason that it takes nine months to have a baby. She says, "There is so much that we have to go through as impending parents. My priorities and desires are shifting in a very deep and profound way, and I think that I need this time to process that change in me."

Women have so many different reactions towards babies and pregnancy. Shonda Rhimes is trying to give a glimpse of different reactions in the series, while her actors live the real life emotions and experiences outside of the show.


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