'Grey's Anatomy' Hits Series Low: Will It Get Canceled Along With These Other Low-Rated Medical Dramas?

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Once a critical darling and a ratings smash, "Grey's Anatomy" is no longer ABC's flagship series. The aging medical drama hit a series low for ratings with its Valentine's Day episode "Hard Bargain." Just one month later, the episode "Transplant Wasteland" scored even lower in the ratings.

With "Grey's" dropping to such low viewership numbers, many fans are wondering if the series could be headed for cancelation. While six of the show's stars have already inked a deal for a tenth season, ABC may not necessarily greenlight the next season if ratings continue to plummet. After all, paying those big stars costs an awful lot!

The flagging ratings for "Grey's Anatomy" are further proof that American TV fans are suffering from genre fatigue. Hospital dramas just don't seem to be pulling in the numbers like they used to, as proved by recent failures of the shows "The Mob Doctor," "Do No Harm," and "Emily Owens, M.D."

"Grey's" isn't the only medical drama that could be on the chopping block. The CW's low-rated "Hart of Dixie" is on the bubble for renewal, along with ABC's "Body of Proof." Both shows are somewhat likely to be renewed according to TV bloggers, but those renewals are by no means guaranteed.

This trend of failing medical dramas doesn't bode well for "Grey's," but it also means that many promising pilots might not get picked up. Jason Isaacs is working on a pilot for CBS called "The Surgeon General," while NBC is hoping "After Hours," an army medical drama, could become the next ratings juggernaut. But both shows might fail to get a pick-up to series if medical dramas are perceived as going out of style.

Perhaps TV fans just need a break from hospital dramas and other medical shows. Hopefully, in a few years, a brand new medical drama will captivate TV fans in the same way that "Grey's Anatomy" once did during its heyday. For now, however, it seems that TV fans have had enough of doctors and their drama.

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