'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale Strengths and Weaknesses: From Lexie's Death to a Glaring Problem

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The creators of "Grey's Anatomy" did a superb job of getting fans emotionally involved in the season finale. Lexie's death, the injuries of the survivors, and the closure of many of the storylines this season pulled the audience into the episode. There was one glaring unrealistic issue, though, that needs to be addressed.

Lexie's Death

While fans will miss Lexie, it was smart to kill the character off as her loss will not cause the show to collapse (as would killing Meredith or Derrick), but will have a significant impact on other characters. Meredith, for example, was thrust into dealing with the loss of her sister while Mark was forced to come to terms with the death of the woman he loves. The suggestion that Mark was going to give up his fight for life to join Little Grey was extremely impactful for anyone watching and will keep people guessing over the summer.

The Injuries

Fans are going to have to worry about the impact of the injuries sustained by other survivors of the plane crash. Arizona and Yang both sustained injuries that could keep them off of work for a long time. Derrick's arm and hand injuries could compromise his ability to be a surgeon and trivializes the arguments he has had with Meredith about where they should work in the future.

Loose Ends

The creators of the show did a good job of trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible without distracting too much from the main storyline of the plane crash. Teddy's firing allows for her to be written off of the show, but still have the opportunity for a future return. The continuation of the plane crash into the next season allows for certain characters who will apparently be leaving (such as Jackson and April) to have at least one more bow. How fitting would it be for Owen to lead the charge in finding Yang and the other survivors? How could she say "No" to the man who saved her?


Major Issue

There was one faulting issue in the "Grey's Anatomy" season finale that everyone should consider. It appears unrealistic that a plane could fall out of the sky in a post-9/11 world without someone noticing. Flight plans, radar, and monitoring by both humans and computers nullify the chance of losing a plane. The show's creators take steps to make sure the medical portion of the show is as accurate as possible. It does not make sense that they would allow for something as unrealistic as an unmonitored plane crash. Then again, it does give them something to explain in the next season.

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