'Grey's Anatomy': Show's Most Shocking Deaths Before Season 8 Finale

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Rumors have spread about an unexpected death during the season finale of "Grey's Anatomy." Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Oh, Justin Chambers, James Pickens, Jr., and Chandra Wilson have all reportedly signed up for two more seasons. There has not been official word about any other actors continuing so there are characters that have a chance of succumbing to a shocking death.

The first six minutes of the finale has been posted online, and fans can get a glimpse of what happens to some of the characters in the early aftermath of the plane crash. The injuries seen so far might lead fans to guess who will live or die, but the creators of the show have thrown the audience curves through unexpected deaths before. These are the most shocking deaths in the history of "Grey's Anatomy" so far.

Susan Grey

Thatcher Grey's second wife met Meredith for the first time after admitting Molly to Seattle Grace. Later, Susan was admitted to the hospital for a simple procedure to treat acid reflux and hiccups. Everyone was shocked when the woman Dr. Grey had become so close to died due to a complication during a simple medical procedure.


After Izzie became close to Denny, she risked her career to save his life. She cut the LVAD wire of the man she had fallen in love with in an attempt to make him sicker so he would be moved up on the transplant list. His unexpected death was one of the saddest moments on the show, and the impact would become apparent later when Izzie began to see Denny everywhere due to her brain tumor.


George became a beloved character on "Grey's Anatomy" due to his failed relationships with other main characters. George decided he wanted to enlist to gain some of the same experiences as Dr. Hunt, and fans had accepted the fact that the character was going to be written off. One of the most shocking moments in the history of the show happened when George was on the way to tell his mother about how he was enlisting in the army when he noticed a girl who was about to be hit by a bus. He sacrificed himself to save the girl's life.

Never underestimate the creators of "Grey's Anatomy" to surprise and shock the audience. The buildup over the last few weeks about characters leaving Seattle Grace to head to other medical institutions may have prepared fans for the exits of some characters, but nothing could have prepared the audience for the plane crash. A sure bet on the finale is the audience will be shocked by the creator's direction.

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