‘Grimm’: Who is Captain Renard?

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Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) is one of the most mysterious characters on "Grimm." Most clues point to the idea that he is at least a bad guy, but there have also been instances where he has protected his detectives, including Nick (David Giuntoli). Just how bad he is -- whether he is forced to do bad things he does not want to do -- and what type of creature he may be are all mysteries. Here are the few clues that have been gleaned about Renard from the series.

Renard is a control freak.

He wants everyone to do exactly as he wishes. When they do not, there are dire consequences. He will go as far as slicing off an ear when a Reaper does not listen, as he did in the episode "Lonelyhearts." At least he did it to protect Nick, since the Reaper wanted Renard to control or kill Nick.

Renard may be royalty (at least in the creature world).

He works closely with the Hexenbeist Adalind (Claire Coffee), and Hexenbeists are supposed to work with royalty. In the episode "Last Grimm Standing," he is referred to as "your highness." In addition, a member of the Verrat has a conversation with him in the episode "Cat and Mouse," where we also learn that the Verrat serves members of the Seven Royal Houses (royalty in the creature world).

Renard will do absolutely anything to get what he wants.

Renard shows how far he'll go when he kills his own cousin in the episode "Love Sick." His cousin threatens to take Nick ("the Grimm") in order to find a key he possesses. Renard, the control freak, will have none of that. He wants the key for himself.

Renard wants Nick on his side more than anything.

Renard went so far as to put the entire police department at risk in order to get Nick on his side in the episode "Island of Dreams." As we learn in "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau," members of the Seven Royal Houses orchestrate wars between humans in order to gain control over them, and there may be another war coming.

Renard feels that there is something special about Nick, but Nick also holds the key for which Renard is searching. Even if he obtains the key, Renard may want Nick to be on his side in the possible coming war.

Image source: GRIMM -- "Lonelyhearts" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Sasha Roiz as Captain Renard, holding an ear -- Photo by: Scott Green/NBC, Airdate:Friday, November 18 on NBC (9-10 p.m. ET), © NBC Universal, Inc.

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