‘Grimm’: New creature ideas

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"Grimm" ventured outside the world of stories from "The Brothers Grimm" several times in Season 1. In Season 2, they may have a chance to venture even farther outside that fantasy, beyond the world of fairy tales altogether. Some colorful sprinkles of science fiction, a little extra humor, and a bit more horror could liven things up even more than they already are.

Since "Grimm" is based on the Grimm and Wesen (creature) world, the change of pace could come from new types of Wesen who look and behave like nothing that can be read in any fairy tale. Following are just a few types of Wesen that could add some new flair to this great show.

Little green (or gray) men

What if alien sightings are actually Wesen sightings? They did something similar in the episode "Big Feet," where the creature known as Big Foot was actually a common Wesen. In an entertaining and humorous episode, Nick and Monroe could come across a new kind of Wesen neither have ever seen before. The Wesen would look like the little green or gray men described by people who have been "abducted by aliens." It just so happens that these Wesen are a whole different kind of unbelievable being.

Characters from sci-fi and fantasy movies

What if some of the ideas for aliens and other creatures in the movies actually came from Wesen sightings? All those "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" characters, such as Ewoks and Klingons could have come from somewhere other than the imaginations of Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas.

Wouldn't it be fun to see someone who looks exactly like a Vulcan pop out from the bushes and begin speaking logically? He or she would go around giving people the "Vulcan nerve pinch" and melding with their minds.

Something that can transform to look like inanimate objects

This would be the most interesting type of Wesen. It could be something the likes of which no other Wesen or Grimm has ever seen (or at least never realized they've seen). Perhaps one of them would make itself known because it becomes mentally unstable. Imaging how difficult it would be to catch an angry Wesen who can look like anything it wants?

The thought that any rock or tree may jump up and begin biting or enveloping people would be truly scary and nerve-racking! Hopefully it would be an entertaining type of fear.

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