'Grimm' enters the 'Season of the Hexenbiest': Recap

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'Grimm' enters the 'Season of the Hexenbiest': Recap

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GRIMM -- "Season of the Hexenbiest" Episode 212 -- Pictured: (l-r) Claire Coffee as Adalind Schade, Sasha …

Warning: Spoilers follow!

The "Season of the Hexenbiest" has finally arrived on "Grimm"! Many revelations came to fruition for each of the characters. The only person still left in the dark is poor dear Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch), whose missing memories render her almost entirely clueless. It is almost enough to make you throw something at the TV each time her face appears, but that is undoubtedly the goal of the writers and directors. Fans are supposed to be upset when everything comes to a head with no resolution. Heck, they even apologized to fans for making them wait at the end of the episode with "To be continued … Sorry!"

Monroe knows about Juliette

At the end of the previous episode, "To Protect and Serve Man," Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) had just witnessed Juliette kissing Renard (Sasha Roiz) in the middle of the Wesen spice shop. He now knows that Juliette is the woman with whom Renard is obsessed. Juliette runs away when she sees Monroe, then calls Renard later to tell him that she knows Monroe, and that he is friends with Nick (David Giuntoli).

Nick knows about Juliette

Monroe and Juliette both call Nick. For Monroe, it is an effort to be a good friend. For Juliette, it is an effort to come clean before Monroe tells him what happened. Nick decides to visit Monroe before going home for the night. Monroe tells him everything he saw. He just doesn't know the man Juliette was kissing, other than the fact that he had an obsession he couldn't control. Monroe warns Nick that Juliette probably has no idea what she is doing, since it is likely because of the scratch from Adalind's (Claire Coffee) cat at the end of Season 1.

Hank is "out of the way"

Former Hexenbiest Adalind is back to her evil ways when she sees to it that Hank (Russell Hornsby) is beaten to a pulp, landing him in the hospital. With Hank incapacitated, Adalind can have her way with Nick's already-pathetic life. The worst part is that she truly enjoys turning the knife, causing as much pain as inhumanly possible.

Juliette knows … only enough to be dangerous

Juliette remembers the night Nick tried to tell her who he really was, but not the part including Nick. Therefore, she remembers being at Aunt Marie's trailer, just not the fact that its location must remain a secret. She also doesn't remember anything about Adalind being the cause of what happened to her, because it was Nick who told her that. Unfortunately, all the missing pieces culminate in Juliette telling Adalind the approximate location of the trailer.

Adalind tells Renard

Adalind wants half-Royal, half-Hexenbiest Renard to bring her Nick's key. It is one of seven keys with a map leading to something that will allow the seven royal families to rule the world. If he doesn't get the job done, Adalind promises to tell Nick the whole truth about Renard. After Adalind is arrested in connection to her own mother's murder and Hank's beating, she tells Renard the location of the trailer. They assume the key is hidden there.

Nick knows about Renard

Monroe remembers where he'd seen the face of the man kissing Juliette. He calls Nick over to show him a video of Renard he had recorded from a local news program. The look on Nick's face is priceless. At least Nick has already decided to move in with Monroe, so he can't lose his mind in front of poor bewildered Juliette. She may be highly annoying at the moment, but in a sense, she's completely innocent in all this.

The key is safe, but Renard holds the rest of the cards

Meanwhile, Nick may have had a feeling that someone would come looking for the key, because he takes it from the trailer to move to a new location. Nevertheless, the trailer contains many other things Nick would not want to leave in the hands of Wesen (except Monroe). The episode closes with Renard standing in front of the trailer. What a cliffhanger!

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