'Grimm' Episode 'Endangered' Recap: The Aliens Have Come to Town!

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'Grimm' Episode 'Endangered' Recap: The Aliens Have Come to Town!

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GRIMM -- "Endangered" Episode 219 -- Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, David Giuntoli as …

Aliens are in town for "Grimm's" first Tuesday night episode, "Endangered"! Actually, it's just an endangered rare blue-glowing Wesen that was nearly hunted to extinction like an animal. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) begins remembering a bit too much, while Nick (David Giuntoli) searches for the truth behind his key.

The alien-like Wesen acts like an alien

The glowing alien-like Wesen begins mutilating cattle, when a farmer spots him. The alien appears to be terrified and pushes the farmer away, accidentally impaling him on his own tractor. The alien is more frightened than ever and runs away.

But the alien is actually a rare Glühenvolk Wesen named Vincent (Eric Tiede), who is mutilating cows for his pregnant wife, Jocelyn (Erin Way). Pregnant Glühenvolk need cow ovaries in order to feed their hungry babies. She eats the slop with gusto, smearing the nasty stuff all over her face as she stuffs it down her own throat. Mmm, yummy!

When Rosalee (Bree Turner) learns that Jocelyn has scarfed down 27 cow ovaries since leaving her hometown, she knows the woman is about to pop out a baby bundle of blue-glowing joy. Nick brings Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee along to help find them.

The alien hunter

The only problem is that there is a man by the name of George (Mark Fullerton) roaming around, claiming to be a "UFOlogist." He is actually a Raub-Kondor Wesen who preys on rare species of other Wesen so he can skin them and sell their body parts. The Glühenvolk, being one of the rarest of all Wesen, is sure to fetch a very high price.

The gang finds Jocelyn just as she is about to have the baby and gets to work helping her: Nick fetches his first aid kit; Rosalee delivers; and Monroe serves as the hand-holder, nearly getting his hand broken in the process. The husband arrives just in time to relieve Monroe of hand-holding duty.

She delivers a healthy baby, and they all sit peacefully contemplating life and family when George bursts in the room, raising his gun to destroy the lives of the new family for profit. Monroe is the first to attempt to put a stop to it, with Nick backing him up and delivering a shot from the hunter's own rifle. The rifle contains special bullets that allow creatures to stay in woge, or creature form, for several hours after their death. So when the cops find George's body still in woge, they'll assume he is the source of the alien sightings around town.

Juliette remembers a special word

Juliette continues to focus on specific moments concerning Nick, including a special kiss after the first time they professed their love for each other. She brings this information to Monroe, including the fact that she could feel all the emotions and can remember why she loved Nick.

But that's not all. She then asks Monroe what a Grimm is. Monroe breaks down and tells her the truth, in layman's terms. He tells her that Nick "can see into the heart of darkness," and that he's "different." Juliette remembers Nick saying something like that when he tried to tell her the truth, but now she is afraid that he won't love her again after she was so cruel to him.

Nick wants the truth of the key

Nick brings his key to Renard (Sasha Roiz) in search of answers about its significance. He already knows there are seven keys and that they form some sort of map leading to an important object that had been hidden by his ancestors. Renard doesn't know much more, other than the fact that his royal family fought hard with Grimms to get four of the keys -- and that it was a bloodbath. He assures Nick that Renard's own family wishes he were never born and that he wants to keep Nick's key out of their hands.

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