'Grimm' Episode 'Nameless' Recap: Murder on Acid

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'Grimm' Episode 'Nameless' Recap: Murder on Acid

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03/15/2013 10:38 Caption: GRIMM -- "Nameless" Episode 216 -- Pictured: David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt …

The "Grimm" episode "Nameless" was one of the most disturbing episodes so far but was also an entertaining mystery. Along with the main plot, the story continues two major story arcs involving Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch).

"Play my game"

The episode begins with a gruesome murder. A young man named Brody is cut in half by a Wesen, later labeled as a Fuchsteufelwild (literally, "fox devil ferocious") with acid-dripping claws. The creature apparently wants to play his own game with a young woman named Jenna (Camille Chen), who was being honored in the building for a game development breakthrough where the murder took place.

Jenna and her teammates, including Brody, have created new technology that allows a much larger number of people to play an online game at the same time than was ever previously possible. The only problem is that they didn't solve the problem themselves. They had the help of the "nameless" murderer.

"Guess my name"

The murderer actually goes by the name Nameless in a virtual game, where he cuts his victims in half before repeating the action in real life. He taunts Jenna to figure out his name, leaving bizarre clues that he never expects her to solve. But he never counted on a Grimm to get involved.

Nick (David Giuntoli) and the team follow the clues, but they are meant to be unsolvable to a normal person. Nick is only able to solve the mystery after finding the description of the creature within the books in Aunt Marie's trailer. All Fuchsteufelwild have played games with their names throughout time. All the names are made up of anagrams using the same letters (which also make up the name Rumpelstiltskin).

Jenna realizes the killer is an IT guy who fixed her team's computers and their code, while she was passed out from partying. This particular Fuchsteufelwild goes by the name Trinket Lipslums (Chris Murray). Once Jenna speaks his name, Trinket flips out and tries to kill her -- stepping right into a trap set by the cops. When Nick attempts to take him in, he jumps off a building to his death.

Wu steps up to the plate (barely)

Wu (Reggie Lee) actually had something to do in this episode. He actually helped to solve one of the clues. He also nearly bit the dust when Trinket used his acid claws to slice through a ladder Wu was climbing to get to the top of the building from which Trinket later jumped to his death. It's not much, but at least he wasn't completely worthless.

Renard saves the day

Renard meets with a confidant who has been keeping track of Renard's brother's business in a bar, but another man has been watching them. Renard spots the spy leaving a briefcase in the bar. He runs over and grabs it, then throws it out at the last minute before the spy sets off the briefcase bomb.

Renard shoots the spy dead before he can kill anyone. Renard sees that he has a French passport, meaning he was likely sent by Renard's brother.

Juliette (finally) wants some answers

Juliette continues to see ghosts, but this time, she realizes that the ghosts are simply showing her the memories of Nick that had been lost after she was put under Adalind's (Claire Coffee) spell.

She can't remember everything, but she remembers enough to describe Aunt Marie's trailer to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner). When Monroe hears the description, he accidentally lets it slip that she is remembering the trailer.

She demands that Monroe take her to the trailer to get her memories back, or she will move away from Portland, and Nick will never see her again. Nick must now decide whether to keep his secrets or attempt, once again, to bring Juliette into his world.

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