'Grimm' Episode 'One Angry Fuchsbau' Recap: When Creatures Unite

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'Grimm' Episode 'One Angry Fuchsbau' Recap: When Creatures Unite

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GRIMM -- "One Angry Fuchsbau" Episode 217 -- Pictured: (l-r) Bree Turner as Rosalee Calvert, Silas Weir …

The "Grimm" episode "One Angry Fuchsbau" shows what can happen when Wesen work together, for good or evil. First, two evil Wesen work together to create havoc. But when Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) work together with Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) to defeat the bad guys, it becomes clear that they are capable of almost anything.

Rosalee gets bamboozled by a Ziegevolk

The episode begins with a Löwen (lion-like Wesen) killing his wife of six months, a Mauzhertz (mouse-like Wesen) for wearing the wrong dress. The Löwen retains Barry Kellogg (Brian T. Finney), a Ziegevolk (goat-like Wesen) as his lawyer.

At the trial, Kellogg eats a toad, then begins sending out his sweat pheromones to the jury. It turns out that Rosalee is part of the jury, and she begins to fall under his toad-induced pheromone spell along with the rest of the jury. The pheromones make them highly suggestible, causing them to side with the accused killer despite overwhelming evidence.

Wu gets wooed

Rosalee confesses to Monroe that she changed her position without understanding why, so he attends the trial and watches carefully. He convinces Nick and Hank to attend as well after he follows Kellogg and witnesses him eating a toad.

Wu (Reggie Lee) was involved in the murder case, and is called to the stand. Nick and Hank assume that there is no way Wu will succumb to Kellogg's charms, and are shocked to see him change his mind after a leading question from Kellogg.

How do you neutralize a Ziegevolk?

The gang decides to neutralize Kellogg's abilities, but it's complicated. First, they have to capture his sweat.

Monroe chases Kellogg down the street to get him sweating. The team's Eisbiber (beaver-like Wesen) friend, Bud (Danny Bruno), shows his Wesen self to gain Kellogg's trust, then offers him a ride. Kellogg is sweating profusely, so Bud offers him a handkerchief, which he takes back before Kellogg gets out of the truck.

Now for the hard part. Rosalee uses the sweat to create a potion that must be injected into one of Kellogg's toads before Kellogg eats it. Nick and Hank distract Kellogg by questioning him about being chased the night before, while Monroe sneaks in and injects one of Kellogg's toads with the potion.

The plan works! Kellogg's powers are not only neutralized for this case, but for the rest of his life. The jury finds the Löwen guilty, and Kellogg becomes frantic trying to get his powers back. He actually walks into the spice shop for help, only to find the entire gang, including Bud, celebrating their victory over him! Looks like he won't be getting his powers back anytime soon.

Juliette gets to see the trailer ... but at what cost?

After Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) threatens to move away unless she can see Aunt Marie's trailer, Nick asks Monroe to take her there. Once there, she finally begins to remember Nick.

Unfortunately, she remembers lots and lots of Nick -- multiple versions of him at the same time, all around her, talking all at once. As Monroe puts it, she's "Nicked out." All she wants now is to get Nick out of her head.

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