'Grimm' Episode 'Vocanalis' Recap: Devil Creature

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'Grimm' Episode 'Vocanalis' Recap: Devil Creature

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GRIMM -- "Volcanalis" Episode 218 -- Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, Sasha Roiz as Captain …

The "Grimm" episode "Vocanalis" introduces a new Wesen, plus a devil-like thing that is a non-Wesen creature that kills anyone who steals rocks from his "Ring of Fire" (the area of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that surround the Pacific ocean). Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) has had enough with the "ghost of Nick," while Adalind (Claire Coffee) finds out how much her baby is worth.

Juliette loses it

Juliette begins having more visions of Nick (David Giuntoli), but this time, he takes on a solid form rather than a ghostly one. The visions appear all around her, like before, only more realistic this time -- and now they are appearing even when she tries to drive away. One of the visions appears on the seat next to her as she's driving, causing her to crash her car.

When Nick shows up at the hospital to check on her, she's already had enough of him. Exasperated, she begs Nick to leave her alone. Having left her alone for several weeks, Nick starts to lose hope that he will ever get his old life back. He sits and sulks while Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Bud (Danny Bruno) enjoy a game on TV. He finally heads to bed early, causing Bud to label him a "sensitive Grimm."

Juliette flashes back

Juliette finally resorts to seeking out the Spanish-speaking psychic Pilar (Bertila Damas), for whom Juliette once translated in the episode "La Llorona." Pilar explains that Juliette must focus all of her energy on a single memory, then become a part of it, as if it's happening in the moment. After some practice, Juliette is able to become a part of the memory of moving in with Nick, effectively creating a flashback of the moment they began living together.

Later, she finds the ring Nick used to propose to her and concentrates on that moment. The episode ends before showing her reaction, but originally, she said "no." She had not been comfortable with Nick's secrets. Now that she knows he had tried to tell her the truth, will she change her mind, or turn away in fear?

The hell-raising beast and his minotaur

The creature of the week is actually two creatures. One is the minotaur-like Taureus-Armenta by the name of Markus (Gill Gayle), who protects intruders from the other creature. But he's not very good at getting his point across. In fact, Markus comes off as a weird freak who wants to attack anyone who steals rocks from Mount Hood. The geologists who take those rocks run in fear from Markus, not understanding that they will have "hell to pay" later from the devil-like Vocanalis.

Markus becomes much less bizarre when he explains his story to Nick and Renard (Sasha Roiz), who understand the world in which he lives. Markus just doesn't want the devilish beast to wrap his smoldering hands around the necks of anymore poor geologists who take volcanic rocks from his mountain for studying.

Renard and Nick work together on this one, enlisting Monroe's help to capture the fiery Vocanalis in a warehouse so they can freeze it with liquid nitrogen. They lure the Vocanalis in by stealing a large number of rocks and placing them in the center of a large area. Markus acts as bait.

"Hell freezes over" when they put the Vocanalis on ice. Markus has the honor of shattering the frozen block into little pieces. And that is how obsidian is made!

Adalind seeks a trade

Adalind meets with a woman named Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo), who can find the value of Adalind's child. She won't just take Adalind's word that the baby in her belly is royal, however. She introduces Adalind to her sons, who force her down and take the baby's blood using a very large needle. Adalind is so evil that her fearful screams are a bit of a guilty pleasure for the viewers.

After the tests confirm the fetus's royal bloodline, Stefania offers money. That is not what Adalind is after, however. Adalind wants her Hexenbiest witch powers back. She shows her true colors when she threatens to abort the child herself unless Stefania gives her what she wants, despite the fact that Stefania isn't sure how to do that.

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