'Grimm' Episode 'The Waking Dead' Recap: The Zombies Are Here!

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'Grimm' Episode 'The Walking Dead' Recap: The Zombies Are Here!

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GRIMM -- "The Walking Dead" Episode 221 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shohreh Aghdashloo as Stefania, Claire Coffee …

The zombies arrived on Tuesday night's "Grimm" episode "The Waking Dead," and they are ready to take down the city. These aren't your typical zombies, however. No, these zombies are created by a fish. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and Nick (David Giuntoli) begin a new journey together.

Juliette is sorry

Now that Juliette remembers everything, she's feeling sorry for treating Nick like a door mat. Nick understands that it wasn't her fault, but she feels at least partially to blame for being so aloof with him while he was clearly in pain for having lost the love of his life.

They kiss and agree to move slowly with their relationship. But first, Juliette wants to know why Nick had taken her to Monroe's (Silas Weir Mitchell) house, and what Monroe was about to show her before she passed out from the cat scratch. Things just got complicated.

Juliette learns the whole truth

Bud (Danny Bruno) happens to be fixing something at Monroe's place when Juliette stops by and is completely freaked out by the fact that she knows anything at all -- seeing as how Nick had warned Bud not to say anything. Bud suggests that Monroe take Juliette to the spice shop so he can get help from Rosalee (Bree Turner) and leave him out of it. Poor, timid Bud looks like he might pee himself when Monroe wants him to come along.

At the spice shop, Bud continues to talk nervously, providing a cartoon-like soundtrack for the whole ordeal. Finally, Rosalee shows Juliette what a cute little fox-Wesen looks like. Monroe shows her what a wolf-like Blutbad looks like, throwing in some growl-talking to let her know it's still him.

She actually takes it pretty well. Nick and Juliette agree to have their first dinner together with all the truth on the table, and both are nervous. Juliette's newfound knowledge of Wesen vocabulary results in the cutest line of the evening, when she offers to put the flowers Nick brought her in water before they "woge," or turn to something other than fresh flowers. The little redemptive smirk on Nick's face is priceless.

Adalind is prepared to sell her baby in exchange for her powers

Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo) presents Adalind (Claire Coffee) with a contract to get her powers back in exchange for her baby, but does not allow her to read it. Instead, Stefania forces Adalind's hand down on the paper, making her sign with a bloody handprint caused by a little vein-popping magic. Adalind is a bit too ignorant, not seeming to realize that Stefania most likely owns her now. Adalind will do anything to get her powers back, even if it means getting pregnant and risking her own life just to sell the baby to people whom she can't trust.

Zombies are stored for later

The main theme of the episode centers around zombies, but they are not just one-off creatures. These zombies are created by Baron Samedi (Reg E. Cathey), a pufferfish-like Cracher-Mortel Wesen who is in bed with the royals. He keeps all of his zombies in a storage container, saving them up for some future date.

Renard's brother is up to something

Renard's brother, Eric (James Frain), is working with Baron Samedi, which means he is most likely making his big move to control the world -- or at least Portland. He tells Renard (Sasha Roiz) that he is in town to visit and bury the hatchet, but Renard knows it is all a lie. What will happen when he releases his army of storage-container zombies?

Find out when the season finale, "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm," airs on Tuesday, 5/21 at 10 PM on NBC.


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