‘Grimm’ Finale Episode ‘Woman in Black’ Recap and Review: Double-Header Cliffhanger

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"Grimm" delivers an exciting, fast-paced Season 1 finale in the episode "Woman in Black." The only drawback, perhaps, is that the scariest creature so far turns out not to be so scary once Nick (David Giuntoli) gets his hands on him. Besides that one flaw, the episode lives up to expectations. There are two cliffhanging moments that will surely bring viewers back for more.

Juliette is not herself

Adalind (Claire Coffee) feeds her giant cat some sort of creature potion, then brings it to Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) veterinary clinic. After the cat scratches Juliette, its eyes turn black. Then, a bright yellow tongue emerges for a split second, giving a freakishly delicious vision of what may happen to Juliette.

The truth may not set you free

Nick is worried about Hank (Russell Hornsby). After seeing a wesen (creature) transform from creature form to human form, Hank is terrified. He can't sleep. He overreacts to the slightest sound, going so far as shooting up his own closet when he hears a noise. It seems as though Nick should tell Hank the truth to put him out of his misery.

Not so fast. When Nick learns of Juliette's cat scratch, he tries to convince her how serious it could be, given that the evil hexenbiest witch Adalind was the owner of the cat. When Juliette refuses to get help, Nick suddenly turns into "intense Nick," which is actually a bit scary for a moment.

In order for her to take the scratch more seriously, he decides to tell Juliette the truth about everything. He takes her to his aunt's trailer, and starts going through the whole spiel. It is one of the most humorous non-Monroe scenes of the season, proving that Nick is not the greatest communicator.

It is surprising that Nick doesn't know when to quit talking. He clearly does not know how to get his point across in a calm, non-rambling, non-crazy sounding way. Juliette glares at him the entire time, indicating she has had enough. She seems both frightened and angry, as if she doesn't know what to do about the crazy loon she almost agreed to marry.. She completely freaks out, believing that Nick needs professional help.

Monroe to the rescue again?

Nick springs a surprise visit on Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), leading to the usual Monroe humor of which viewers have become so fond. Lines such as "Jumping out of the old airplane without a parachute, huh?" are priceless when coming out of Monroe's mouth. He has the ability to convey creature-world insanities, no matter how strange or gruesome, as normal everyday occurrences. These Monroe moments are laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Nonetheless, even Monroe can't save Nick this time. When Nick asks Monroe to prove that creatures exist, Juliette looks as if she would rather die than see whatever insane prank Nick and Monroe seem to have in store. Perhaps lucky for her own sanity, she passes out from her wound before she sees Monroe change into creature form.

The fact that the truth is out there is now more worrisome than ever. As Juliette lies in the hospital, she opens her eyes to reveal that they have turned black. Viewers can only imagine what her tongue looks like. Is Juliette a creature now? Is she going to use what she has learned about Nick and his aunt's trailer against him?

The Woman in Black

The creature Akira Kimura (Brian Tee), whom Nick believes is responsible for the death of his parents, searches for the gold coins discovered in the episode "Three Coins in a Fuchsbau." He initially seems as if he may be the toughest creature to beat, as he can move extremely fast.

He has been keeping an eye on Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz), Hank, Nick, and Monroe, knowing that one of them must have the coins. Throughout the episode, a mysterious Woman in Black follows Kimura everywhere he goes.

After terrorizing Hank and Renard, Kimura comes after Nick. When Nick gets his hands on him, he doesn't seem so scary after all. They have an ordinary hand-to-hand combat, and Nick beats him up fairly easily. Before Nick has a chance to finish the fight, the Woman in Black shows up and finishes off Kimura handily.

Nick is ready for another fight until the Woman in Black (Mary E Mastrantonio) says Nick's name. He takes a closer look and realizes who she is. He seems dumbfounded for a moment before he says "Mom?"

What will the discovery of Nick's mother mean for Season 2? Is she one of the ruthless Grimms Nick has heard about? Will he have to stop her from hurting his creature friends? Will she be able to help with Juliette? Is Juliette one of the "bad guys" now?

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