‘Grimm’ recap: Episode finds a ‘Bad Moon Rising’ over Hank’s head

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‘Grimm’ recap: Episode finds a ‘Bad Moon Rising’ over Hank’s head

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GRIMM -- "Bad Moon Rising" Episode 203 -- Pictured: (l-r) David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Maddie Hasson …

Warning: spoilers follow!

"Grimm" is finally freeing Hank (Russell Hornsby) from insanity! Although the episode title, "Bad Moon Rising," refers to the new coyote-like Coyotl Wesen, it might as well refer to a more colorful term for Hank's rear-end. In other words, Hank is a badass, once again. After learning the truth about Nick's (David Giuntoli) world, Hank becomes even more awesome than he was before he first got struck by Hexenbiest potion in Season 1.

Hank almost quits due to insanity

Things have gone too far for Hank. He still can't sleep. He still sits up all night holding a rifle. He begins the episode in therapy. He realizes that even therapy won't work for him when he has a daydream and nearly attacks his therapist, not even realizing what he is doing. It's the turning point that causes him to realize that he can no longer be a good cop. He is putting people in danger more than he is helping them.

Hank helps his Coyotl friend

Just as Nick begins to try talking Hank out of quitting by giving him a small clue about the Wesen world, Hank's old friend Jarold (Mark Pellegrino) walks in, upset about his missing daughter. Hank can't quit just yet. He has to help his clearly distressed friend.

Nick sees that Hank's friend is a Coyotl, which Monroe explains has a pack mentality. They find that the "family" (Coyotl pack) was upset that Jarold took his daughter to live in Portland, leaving the others behind in Texas. Nick also learns that Coyotl packs have an inbreeding mating ritual for girls, such as Jarold's daughter, Carly (Maddie Hasson), when they turn 17. None of this information is shared with Hank.

Hank, Nick, and Jarold learn that Jarold's "family" has moved to Portland. The three men go off together to find them. When they find the pack, Hank and Nick see that the girl has been hidden in a well and pull her out. The three of them run into a barn to hide while Jarold fights with the pack.

Hank learns the truth and becomes Mr. Badass

It gets really interesting when Carly sees that Nick is a Grimm and fears that he's going to kill her. She freaks out and goes into full-fledged Wesen mode, showing her true form to Hank. It's a chain reaction that causes Hank to pull his gun on Carly, believing that she is no longer the sweet girl he used to know. Finally, Nick steps in front of the gun and explains the whole thing in his stumbling, incoherent fashion.

Unlike Juliette, Hank seems to "get it" right away. He starts acting like a Grimm and is the first to throw a punch, knocking out the first bad guy. It's all a piece of cake from that point, as Hank seems to be completely unafraid.

Nick is a bit confounded that Hank seems to take all the crazy talk of Wesens and Grimms in stride. It turns out that he still feels crazy, but now knows that he's not alone in his insanity. So, that was all it took to get a better Hank than depicted at the beginning of the series! Hank is likely to be the best sidekick a Grimm could have. Too bad we didn't get to see this side of Hank sooner.

Find out how Hank takes on his new role as Grimm sidekick on "Quill," the next episode of "Grimm," airing Monday, 9/3, at 10PM ET on NBC.

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