'Grimm' Season Finale Episode 'Goodnight, Sweet Grimm' Recap: Cliffhanger Creates Crazed Zombie Fans

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'Grimm' Season Finale Episode 'Goodnight, Sweet Grimm' Recap: Cliffhanger Creates Crazed Zombie Fans

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GRIMM -- "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" Episode 222 -- Pictured: (l-r) Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, David …

Last week on "Grimm," a pufferfish-like Cracher-Mortel Wesen in a top hat named Baron Samedi (Reg E. Cathey) created a small army of zombies in Portland for his friend Eric Renard (James Frain). Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), Eric's brother, knows something is amiss by the very fact that Eric is in town. In the Season 2 finale episode, "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm," Eric makes his intentions at least partially known. The stages that Eric's zombies must go through parallel the stages of the episode.

Stage 1: Paralysis -- It's date night

Nick (David Giuntoli) and Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) reconcile their differences over some kissing and an offer for Nick to move back in to his own house. Meanwhile, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) make out after she shows him her "foxy" Fuchsbau Wesen self. Oh, if they only knew what was about to hit them!

Stage 2: Drug-like behavior -- Eric and Stefania each prepare for battle

Eric asks to see a sample of the top-hatted pufferfish's work on one of his own men. Eric is delighted, nearly squealing with glee, when his guy gets a face full of green goo and falls into paralysis.

Meanwhile, Adalind's fellow Hexenbiest "friend," Frau Pech (Mary McDonald-Lewis), attempts to "help" Adalind (Claire Coffee) out by switching bodies with her. As Adalind lays unconscious on the floor looking like an old withered witch, the newly gorgeous Frau meets up with Stefania (Shohreh Aghdashloo) in order to learn how Stefania intends to kill her, expecting "her" to be Adalind while their bodies are switched.

But Stefania saw it all coming, killing Frau and ripping her heart out through her stomach exactly the way she just explained to Frau that she would, thereby killing Frau and waking Adalind in her own body. Adalind is disturbingly giddy about the prospect of having her powers back for the small price of the baby in her belly and the life of a fellow Hexenbiest.

Stage 3: Death-like state -- A cure is found, and the key is hidden

The pufferfish lets a few of his zombies out of a storage container to go wreak some havoc. Nick manages to catch one of them as it falls into a death-like trance and brings it to the spice shop in order to find a cure. Rosalee deduces what the cure should be, based on the stages the zombies have been going through. The cure must be administered in the forth and final phase, when the zombie is in full attack and kill mode.

One batch of the stuff takes a long time to make and proves even more difficult to administer: through three big needles protruding from a monstrous device. The needles are pushed into the belly of the raging creature after it's been subdued and held down. But it works! It appears as if the zombies will be easily defeated, and they begin making more serum.

Meanwhile, Sean Renard believes that his brother simply wants Nick's precious key and warns Nick to keep it away from Eric at all costs. Nick does so by giving Rosalee the key to hide in the floorboards of the spice shop, where even Nick doesn't know where it's hidden. So that's great, right? All their problems are easily solved... story over. Well, not so fast.

Stage 4: Escalation of mayhem -- There are too many zombies

Little did the gang know that the captured and cured zombie was only a ploy to lure them to the container yard, where a much larger army of zombies is being held. As soon as they arrive, the pufferfish begins releasing his zombies. There are too many to fight and not enough of the cure serum. It's a trap!

Nick lures them away, allowing Rosalee, Monroe, and even the newly helpful Juliette to make a run for the car so they can escape. But this is also part of the trap. Sean Renard has unknowingly provided a bit too much information to Eric about his favorite Grimm, and they know that Nick will attempt to save his friends.

The pufferfish lures Nick into one of the storage containers, where he finds a casket with a passport and death certificate. The only problem is that they have Nick's face with a fake name on them! As he stares dumbly at the tools of his own destruction, the pufferfish surprises him with a face full of zombie-inducing green sludge. Eric checks on the pufferfish's handiwork, saying goodnight to the sweet Grimm Nick as he lay in a casket with a death certificate and a zombie-like stare of death.

Once again, as with last year, a message to the fans appears on screen at the end. This time, instead of an apology for leaving fans with a cliffhanger, the message taunts viewers for not expecting to be falling off their chairs. How cruel. It is as devilish a trick as the army of zombies they created.

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