Gross! TV’s unsexiest 'sexy' moments

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No matter what channel its on, most TV shows today contain a few "sexy" scenes each season. But sometimes, these "sexy" scenes are anything but. Whether intentional or unintentional, these "sexy" TV moments are just plain creepy.

Juan and Sancia hook up, "The Borgias"

In Season 1, the Pope tries to marry his son Juan off in a political marriage. Juan refuses to be used, and so the Pope decides to marry his other son Gioffre off to a woman named Sancia for political reasons. When Juan is sent to check out Sancia on his brother's behalf, he discovers that she is shockingly beautiful.

But when Sancia and Juan finally consummate their affair with steamy lovemaking session, the choice of location is pretty gross. Juan and Sancia get busy in a room where Sancia's father has arranged a group of mummified corpses in homage to a famous painting. What could have been kinda sexy ends up being pretty revolting.

Lorena and Bill, "True Blood"

With vampires thrown in the mix, a lot of the sex in "True Blood" is a little on the gory side. The undead are a twisted lot, and one Season 3 episode in particular was deemed particularly gruesome. When good-guy vamp Bill Compton had sex with his ex Lorena, this was bad enough. But when he broke her neck during the act and left gashes in her chest, and she murmured "I love you," a lot of fans were just plain freaked out.

Annie gets dumbed down, "Community"

In the infamous Christmas episode where the gang gets brainwashed by the Glee Club, Annie uses her sex appeal (and a very flattering "sexy Santa" outfit) to try and recruit Jeff. She sings him a sexy little tune, which degenerates into childish gibberish by the end. Seeing normally smart, confident Annie turned into a vapid sex kitten is just plain sad. But to be fair, the show was trying for exactly that reaction from viewers.

Varys and Littlefinger talk shop, "Game of Thrones"

In one episode of "Game of Thrones," Varys and Littlefinger have a little conversation where they exchange gossip as a means of seeing who is better connected. The conversation quickly turns from sexy to gross when they start talking about one nobleman who attends Littlefinger's brothel for a "very special" service. It turns out this one nobleman is only interested in necrophilia, a fact that Varys finds amusing and disturbing at the same time.
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