Hilarious and Kind: TV's Most Beloved, Funny Grandmothers

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TV grandmothers tend to have a wonderful blend of humor and kindness that makes viewers utterly adore them. These caring, amusing women are almost always fan-favorite characters, and they often provide the emotional heart of the show. From supernatural thrillers to critically acclaimed legal dramas, these funny grandmothers are enduring symbols of love in a tumultuous world.

Edith Ross, "Suits"

Edith is Mike's grandmother, and she raised him after the untimely death of his parents in a car accident. She was played by beloved actress Rebecca Schull, who was famous for playing Fay Cochran on "Wings." When Edith showed up at Mike's office, she cracked jokes with everyone and even made fun of Harold, the office whipping boy. She only appeared a few times in the show's first two seasons, but her death was still a tear-jerker for fans.

Sheila Bennett, "The Vampire Diaries"

Best known as "Grams," Sheila Bennett is a powerful witch. But thankfully, she's a good witch: The only thing wicked about her is her sense of humor. She is a great source of comfort to her granddaughter, Bonnie, and Sheila is respected by everyone in the community. Strong and forthright, she is also unfailingly kind -- as long as you don't cross her!

Anna Huxtable, "The Cosby Show"

Anna was Cliff's mother and a frequent houseguest of the Huxtables. She and her husband are most often remembered as being entertained by the family's hilarious "lip-sync" routines on her wedding anniversary. Anna was so beloved that the actress who played her, Clarice Taylor, was nominated for an Emmy in 1986.

Penelope Langston, "NCIS"

McGee's grandmother, Penelope (played by veteran comedic actress Lily Tomlin), was a welcome addition to Season 9 of "NCIS." Tomlin's character was a rebellious academic who forged a closer connection with her grandson. Tomlin is always a hoot, and this character was no exception.

Grandma Saracen, "Friday Night Lights"

Louanne Stephens gave a heartwarming, nuanced performance as Grandma Saracen on this critically acclaimed series. Her interactions with her grandson, Matt, are wonderfully sweet and also pretty darn hilarious. Their relationship always felt like it was grounded in reality, and that made it all the more enjoyable to watch.

Mallory Archer, "Archer"

Okay, Mallory may not be overtly kind, but she is hilarious. She's prone to drinking too much, insulting her employees, and has a pretty loose moral code. However, she is often extremely kindhearted when nobody is watching. And while she may not approve of her quasi-grandchild's mother, she is kind to Seamus and Archer when it counts.
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