‘Homeland’ recap: ‘Beirut is Back’ and Carrie is in trouble

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After escaping the clutches of those men last week on "Homeland," Carrie tracks down Fatima at her morning prayers. There, she tells Carrie why she reached out: Her husband, a Hezbollah commander, is going to meet with Abu Nazir tomorrow. Fatima, his wife, wants the $5 million reward for Nazir's capture and transport to Detroit, where she has a cousin she can stay with.

Carrie makes her way to the safehouse where Saul has been frantically spearheading her search team. He's overjoyed to see her alive, but his joy is quickly replaced by dismay. Carrie was supposed to meet with Fatima with Saul overseeing their conversation, so that he could assess Fatima's trustworthiness.

But when Carrie reveals what she knows about tomorrow's meeting, Saul agrees that they don't have time to schedule another meeting with Fatima. They call in to Washington and speak with David Estes and Scott. They both have doubts about the quality of the intel, and Estes tells Saul that it has to be his call. Saul thinks that's a cop-out, and that David should have the courage to make the call himself.

After talking with Carrie, Saul decides to go ahead with the mission to capture Abu Nazir at the meeting. As Carrie puts it, "I wouldn't trust me, either. But the me who recruited [Fatima]…her, I trust."

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Brody is approached by the vice president to find a discreet way to get the secretary of defense to bomb the single remaining nuke site in Iran. At the same event, Brody's wife is approached to host a fundraiser for wounded veterans. Brody is dismayed by her choice: He argues that if she really wants to help veterans, she should "take out" every single Washington insider at the party instead of promoting a fundraiser that's supported by a company that makes weapons.

The Carrie and Brody storylines converge when Brody heads to the Pentagon for a meeting and is unexpectedly escorted into a situation room. There, Brody can see live footage from Beirut where the CIA is getting ready to capture or kill Abu Nazir. Brody sends Abu Nazir a text to warn him about the attack, and Nazir gets the message just in time to avoid being shot.

In the aftermath, Carrie heads to Fatima's old apartment to look for evidence that might help the CIA capture Abu Nazir. The papers and CDs she steals aren't of much use, but Saul finds that the bag she stole from the apartment to carry all the papers had a memory stick sewn into the lining. On the memory stick, there is a video of Brody from last season, explaining why he chose to become a suicide bomber.

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