‘Homeland’ recap: Brody goes on the run in ‘I’ll Fly Away’

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"Homeland" episode "I'll Fly Away" opens with Dana getting off a bus and walking through what looks like a bad neighborhood. The person she has gone to visit is Mike.

Back at the Brody household, Jess and Brody are fighting about how to handle the Dana situation. Jess is demanding that they go to the police, but Brody screams that he can't because of national security. Mike calls Jess to let her know that Dana is at his apartment, and Jess goes to get her.

After she leaves, Brody curls up in a fetal position in his home. Carrie tries to get him to go meet Roya and a mysterious "new contact," and eventually gets through to him. But on the way to meet with Roya, his body language reveals just how stressed out he is. Roya picks up on it right away and presses him to tell her what is wrong. Brody tells Roya that he quits.

Quinn wants to bring Brody in, but Carrie has Brody's tracking device turned off so she can go reason with him. As she puts it, "As long as his cover isn't blown, he is still in play." She takes Brody and goes on the run, telling him, "I'm trying to keep you from spending the rest of your life in a cage. I care what happens to you, even if you don't."

Estes asks Saul to track down Carrie and Brody. Saul finds them but orders the team to stand down while Carrie tries to "fix" Brody. Because Carrie checked in to a "safe harbor" hotel, it is a signal that she wants to be found but needs time on her end to get Brody back in action. Carrie and Brody sleep together again, and the next morning, he calls to re-pledge himself to Roya's cause (making him useful to the CIA again).

Later, Dana tells Jess that the reason Brody backed out at the police station was because Carrie told him to. Jess is hurt because Brody told her that Carrie wasn't involved in his work with the CIA. Dana then goes to visit the daughter of the hit-and-run victim, and the daughter realizes that Dana must have been involved. There, Dana is given hints that the daughter has been paid off to keep quiet, and the daughter needs that money to support the children under her care.

Elsewhere, Brody goes on a long drive with Roya to prove himself to her. They stop along the side of a road, where they meet with a third person after the sun goes down. That man is the terrorist who killed the CIA agents in Gettysburg. Carrie follows in the van with Virgil, and sees the man grab Brody and take him into the woods. Roya and the man take Brody into a clearing, where they are picked up by a helicopter.

Brody is taken to an undisclosed location, where he meets face to face with a clean-shaven Abu Nazir as the episode ends.

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