‘Homeland’ recap: Brody isn’t the only one wearing ‘Two Hats’

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The "Homeland" episode "Two Hats" opens with Carrie, Saul, Estes, and Quinn discussing their next step. With Brody assumed dead after being taken away by the helicopter 12 hours previous, the team decides to bring Roya in and learn more about the plan. But when Brody returns to the grid, the plan to grab Roya is called off.

Brody asks Carrie to immediately go and grab his family and take them someplace safe. The CIA wants to keep their fingerprints off the Brody family, and so they have Mike Faber go and retrieve Brody's family. They are removed to a CIA luxury apartment, where agents are stationed on either side of them for protection. After the kids go to bed, Mike and Jess resume their affair.

Meanwhile, Virgil breaks into Quinn's apartment, and shows the results to Saul. They find a rifle cleaning kit, as well as a photo of a woman holding a newborn baby. The state of his apartment is suspiciously un-lived in, with anti-invasion devices over the windows and door.

Saul tracks down the woman in the photo: The woman had a relationship with Quinn but is reluctant to talk about it. She calls Quinn after Saul leaves, and Virgil and Saul have Quinn followed. Quinn takes a secret meeting on a bus with a man that Saul recognizes right away as a top level strategist who led top secret missions into Somalia. In short, Quinn is working as an analyst with Saul, while also working on another agenda directed by someone above Saul's clearance level.

Later, Brody is debriefed about his meeting with Abu Nazir by Carrie, Saul, Quinn, and Estes. Nazir plans to hit a secret homecoming event for the troops, which he will attend with the vice president. Brody's role is to convince the vice president to let one reporter cover the event: Roya. The plan to is murder 300 of these elite soldiers in front of their wives and children, a plan that Carrie thinks is typical of Nazir.

The climax of the episode takes place the morning of the press event with the troops. Roya is followed to a breakfast joint where she orders a meal with her news team. Meanwhile, in the parking lot, a group of Nazir's men replace the normal camera batteries in the back of the news van with explosive camera batteries.

A team moves in and captures all of the terrorists, with the exception of Abu Nazir, who was not there. That's good news for Brody, because Quinn has been sent by David Estes to kill Brody. The only reason Brody doesn't get killed by Quinn is because Brody is still the government's best chance at locating Abu Nazir.

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