‘Homeland’ recap: Brody kills in ‘Broken Hearts’

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The "Homeland" episode "Broken Hearts" opens with Saul meeting up with an old friend, Dar Adal (the man that Peter Quinn met with on the bus in the previous episode). Adal is paranoid and perhaps justifiably so. He allows himself one regular habit (waffles in a diner once a week), but otherwise stays on the move, changing apartments every few weeks.

Saul confronts Adal about the relationship between Peter Quinn and Estes. Adal says he was simply asked to provide a soldier, but soldiers are best known for killing people. Adal adds that he's always thought Saul was too soft for intelligence work, saying "I'm amazed you've lasted this long."

Saul starts connecting the dots and confronts Estes about Quinn's role. Saul accuses Estes and Walden of working together to take out Brody, to ensure that Brody never speaks out about the school that Walden and Estes ordered to be hit by drones.

Meanwhile, Brody is visiting with his family. He receives a phone call with video: Abu Nazir is holding a bound and gagged Carrie hostage, with a gun at her head. Nazir says that unless Brody gets him some information from the VP's office, he will kill Carrie.

Elsewhere, Saul leads the charge to find Carrie after her car is found abandoned. After learning that Carrie isn't at any local hospitals, he surmises that Carrie has been taken by Abu Nazir as a bargaining chip. Saul calls Brody to ask if Carrie has been in contact with him, but Brody lies and says he hasn't heard from her.

While Brody is under Nazir's thumb, Finn Walden pays Dana a visit. For the first time, he shows genuine remorse about killing a woman with his car. He asks Dana if they can start their relationship over again, but she says that their relationship is as dead as the woman they killed.

Nazir removes Carrie's gag and tries to give her a little water. She tells him that Brody won't be able to retrieve the info that he wants, and she also tells him that there is no way Nazir will ever leave the country alive. Nazir says he knows this, and he doesn't care. Nazir's side in this ongoing war will win eventually, because they are willing to wait centuries for victory if need be.

Brody searches frantically to get the serial number Nazir has asked for; he finally finds it. Surprisingly, Nazir lets Carrie go, and Brody texts Nazir the number. The serial number is related to VP Walden's pacemaker. As Brody tells Walden that he doesn't want to work with him anymore, Walden's pacemaker is manipulated by one of Nazir's contacts, killing him. Brody tells the dying man that he hates him and everything he stands for.

In the final minutes of the episode, Saul is taken away by some men (by the order of Estes). Meanwhile, Carrie calls in Nazir's location to the CIA, and then goes back inside the warehouse to take him down herself. She walks into a darkened room, and the episode ends.

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