‘Homeland’ recap: Brody reveals his knowledge about ‘A Gettysburg Address’

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The "Homeland" episode "A Gettysburg Address" opens with Carrie and her team watching a bay of computer monitors. On the monitors is Roya walking around the city and cautiously surveying her surroundings. Carrie notes that Roya is supposed to be on the air in 30 minutes. Whatever has drawn her out of the studio must be important, and it's likely she's about to meet an important contact.

She meets a man by a fountain, where the water feature obscures the words the two are saying to each other. Virgil follows the man afterward but loses him in the metro station. The CIA's face recognition program is unable to identify the man. Carrie suggests that they bring Brody in to identify the mysterious man.

Meanwhile, Brody's wife is happy that Brody has come home to her but has tons of questions: She wants to ask Brody about his job with the CIA. The most pressing question Jessica has is simple: is Brody working with Carrie again? Brody lies and says that he is not, and brings Dana (who is still reeling over the hit and run) to school.

Later that day, Dana visits a hospital near the site of the hit-and-run accident of the night before. Dana sees the woman in a hospital bed and meets the woman's daughter. The woman may not survive, as a blood clot has come loose in her head. A panic-stricken Dana bolts from the hospital, visibly shaken by the woman's prognosis. After the woman dies, Dana confronts Finn, but he tells her it is more important than ever to stay quiet.

Brody meets with Carrie but tells Carrie that he can't identify the person in the photograph. However, after being pressed a little further, Brody tells Carrie he does know something about one of the people pictured on their board of suspects: the tailor. Brody admits that he knows that the tailor is dead. Carrie and Peter Quinn agree to send in a forensics team to the tailor's shop and look for evidence.

While Quinn and his team look for evidence, they are surprised by a team of assault troops dressed in black. The team is lead by the man who met with Roya earlier in the episode. They pull a black storage locker out from a hidden spot in a wall of the tailor's shop. After they leave, Quinn, who had been shot in the gut but wasn't dead, sat up. His fate is currently unknown, but he may be back next week. Later, Carrie asks Brody if he knew about the assault on the tailor shop team, and he tells her that he did not.

Elsewhere, Lauder and Mike visit the place where Tom Walker's dead body was found. Lauder notes that Brody is "suspect number one," as the location of the murder was the kind of place a smart guy like Tom would only have entered alongside someone he trusted.

Mike tries to meet up with a friend who works at the CIA but instead is pulled into a meeting with Saul and Estes. Mike asks David Estes if he knows who killed Tom Walker, and David says no. Later, Mike searches Brody's garage and finds bullets and a gun. Afterward, Mike tells Jessica that Brody killed Tom Walker. Jess tells Mike that Brody is working for the CIA, and then tells Mike to leave.

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