‘Homeland’ recap: ‘New Car Smell’ can’t cover up Brody’s lies

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The "Homeland" episode "New Car Smell" opened with Saul driving to visit Estes. When Saul opens the door, he is met by Kenny, Estes' son, who is dressed up like Darth Vader.

After shooing his son away, Estes sits down to watch the Brody video on his computer. The revelation hits Estes especially hard, as he was actually in the bunker with the vice president when the bomb was supposed to go off: If Brody had gone through with it, Estes would have died that day.

Afterward, Saul and Estes sit in the garden and discuss their next move. Neither of them knows why Brody didn't go through with the suicide bombing. They could arrest him, but Saul and Estes decide that the better course of action is to do nothing and watch Brody. If Abu Nazir is wrapped up in the current plan to get revenge on the U.S. after the nuke site bombings, they figure Brody will be part of it again. They decide not to tell Walden, to ensure that Brody doesn't know he has been discovered.

Back at Brody's house, Jessica gives Brody an ultimatum: "I can't live like this. I won't. If you don't have something real to say to me right now, something true, you should pack a bag." Brody can't tell her about his secret life, and so he leaves the room, wordlessly.

Later that day, Brody's drunk military buddy, Lauder, shows up at the house and refuses to leave until Brody comes home. With Brody AWOL, Jess has to call Mike to come get rid of Lauder. As Mike drags Lauder out of the house, Lauder tells Mike that he thinks Brody was involved with the Tom Walker shooting. After all, they were a team for years. Mike agrees that Brody has been acting weird ever since he got back, but wonders who Brody was working for if he was involved in the shooting.

Meanwhile, Dana and Vice President Walden's son go on a date to the closed Washington Monument and share a kiss as they look out over the city. Despite the fact that Dana is still dating her old boyfriend Xander, she really wants to be with the VP's son.

Carrie, Saul, and Estes head up a team to keep an eye on Brody. Estes brings in a guy named Peter Quinn, a CIA analyst with 10 years of experience. Carrie doesn't know him and asks Virgil to check up on him. The team arranges for Carrie to run into Brody at the CIA in hopes that seeing her there will scare him into meeting with his handlers. Later that night, Brody is staying at a hotel (since Jess kicked him out) and calls Carrie instead of his handlers. She decides to drop hints about getting close to capturing Abu Nazir -- hoping to rattle Brody even more.

Carrie arrives at the hotel where Brody is staying, and the two have a drink at the bar. Brody goes up to his room, and Carrie is afraid that Brody has seen right through her. Against the wishes of her team, Carrie follows Brody up to his room. There, she confronts him about his suicide bomb plot and tells him that she loved him. A CIA team bursts in and takes Brody away as a heartbroken Carrie holds back her tears.

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