Are hormones for hotties ruining 'American Idol'?

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Are hormones for hotties ruining 'American Idol'?

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Phillip Phillips-- Your new Idol

The two most successful "American Idol" winners are, hands down, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Though not a victor, Jennifer Hudson completes this tremendous trio of ladies who top of the list of "American Idol" household names. Yet it's been a male contestant that's been crowned the "American Idol" for the past five seasons. Is it still possible for a female to win "American Idol"?

Since "American Idol" burst into living rooms across the United States, there have been several copycat singing competitions. Idol's biggest claim over these other shows is that they produce real stars with longevity, but it has been a while since that has actually been the case.

The past five seasons of "American Idol" winners have been David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips. These fellows may have had a shining moment or two since they won "Idol," but what are the chances they will sing at an Inauguration or Inaugural Ball in years to come, as Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson did this week?

So why are the boys winning out year after year on "American Idol"? The answer is obvious: They get more votes from the tween viewers, who are most likely to repeatedly dial and text for their favorite. Viewers who like them not only for their voice, but for the hormones they stir up and the way these fellows make them swoon when they sing.

If the producers at "American Idol" wanted to change this, they could do so by limiting the amount of votes per phone number or text as other shows do. However the powers that be have clearly decided not to rock the boat, or vote, and allow things to continue with the most zealous fans controlling the outcome.

Does this ruin "American Idol" for other viewers who have lately become aware the most talented contestant often no longer wins? Not if viewers know what they are in for when they begin each season.

"American Idol" continues to bring wonderful new talent into the spotlight. If an individual truly has what it takes to have a lasting career, "Amercan Idol" is a platform like no other that gives them the opportunity to succeed regardless of whether they are the last one standing in the finale.

As long as viewers keep this in mind, they will avoid the frustration that results when a guy with a wink, drawl, or nice hair wins out over someone with greater aptitude. Just sit back and enjoy the show, and trust that true talent will surface when each "American Idol" wraps.

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