When Will 'House MD' Season 8 Start and What Can We Expect?

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House MD season seven

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House MD season seven

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The "House MD" Season 7 finale left the series in a perfect spot to end as House walked smiling off into the sun of a sandy beach paradise, however, lucky for the hit FOX shows fans, there is definitely going to be a Season 8. The question is, when will House MD be back in 2011, and what can fans expect?

When does House MD Season 8 start?

House is confirmed to be part of Fox's 2011-2012 fall line-up. Season 8 has a new airtime of 9 PM EST on Mondays. The show was bumped an hour from its usual airtime by Fox's new show "TerraNova." House has historically started in September usually on the 3rd Monday of the month. In which case, we can estimate House MD to return with the start of Season 8, on September 19th, 2011 at 9 PM EST.

What can we expect in Season 8?

Fans can expect one major change in Season 8. Lisa Edelstein, who plays Cuddy, did not sign a contract for the new season. Rumor has it her new contact came with a pay-cut she wasn't willing to accept. It's likely FOX will work out something to include Cuddy long enough to wrap-up her character, but unless something changes with her contract between now and September, she will no longer be a permanent cast member, and the dream known as "Huddy" dies forever.

Other major cast members including House himself (Hugh Laurie), Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), 13 (Olivia Wilde), Foreman (Omar Epps), and Taub (Peter Jacobson) have already signed on for Season 8. No word has been released yet on Chase (Jesse Spencer), though word on the grape vine suggests he too will return.

Provided something doesn't change in the Edelstein world, it can be expected the first several episodes of Season 8 will focus on leading her character out, which considering the events that occurred at the tail end of Season 7, shouldn't be difficult. House writers could easily suggest Cuddy, in the interest of saving lives, would step down as dean of medicine to allow House to continue his work. However, no verified spoilers for the new season have come to light so shortly after the close of last season.

During Season 7, House was married, and remained married through the finale, so fans may expect some developments with that. There is also the conflict of House nearly running Wilson over to deal with in the Wilson-House universe. More Taub side-stories are obviously planned as writers dropped a second surprise pregnancy on him in "Moving On." Lastly, the "House MD" writers seemed to building a strong relationship between Remy Hadley aka 13 and House last season. This is likely in reaction to the actresses' growing popularity, but it's possible they plan make her a bigger player in the series plot-line during Season 8.

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