Ideas for TV-inspired ‘Project Runway’ crossover challenges

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TV and fashion are a natural pairing: That's why "Project Runway" has been on the air for so many years. But wouldn't it be great if the "Runway" designers were tasked with creating garments for your favorite scripted TV programs?

To be fair, this is something "Runway" has tried in the past. But the results haven't been all that great. In Season 5, the designers made a look for Brooke Shields to wear on the short-lived series "Lipstick Jungle." Both the "Runway" episode and " Lipstick Jungle " were pretty forgettable.

Here are some ideas for "Runway" challenges that could really sizzle. If the designers got a chance to design a look that would appear on any of these TV shows, it would be a great way to attract new viewers.

"Mad Men"

This is a natural choice! Who wouldn't want a chance to design an outfit for curvaceous Joan or a great new dress for a recently slimmed-down Betty? There could even be two winning designs: one for a female cast member and one for a male cast member. This would lead to plenty of strategy in the sewing room and make for a great "Runway" episode.

"Game of Thrones"

This seems like an odd idea, until you consider the fact that "Game of Thrones" already inspired Helmut Lang's Fall 2012 collection. The designers could come up with looks for the actors on the show or ready-to-wear looks for fans to purchase at a department store.

"The Carrie Diaries"

If this "Sex and the City" prequel series gets renewed for another season, it would be a natural choice to partner with "Runway." Because the show is set in the 1980s, there's potential for both great retro looks and utter trainwrecks: a "Runway" fan's dream!

"Downton Abbey"

Is there anything hotter than "Downton" fever? "Runway" needs to think up a challenge related to pre-WWII fashions, stat. Get the lovely Michelle Dockery to judge: based on her 2013 Golden Globes ensemble, she knows good fashion.


This USA series is beloved for fans for sharp writing and great acting…not to mention fabulous, office-friendly dresses and tailored suits. Get Sarah Rafferty as a guest judge, and the judging session is sure to be hilarious. Plus, it's been a while since the designers were tasked with creating office-appropriate ensembles that still look fashionable.


What is more challenging than creating a superhero costume that isn't over-the-top? It would be an immense challenge (especially if the designers had to work in teams). Designing a costume that doesn't look cheap would also be a challenge, given the limited budget for fabric.
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