Can You Imagine Don Draper in the '70s, '80s, and '90s?

A 1980s "Mad Men" could include Don Draper channeling Don Johnson with a "Miami Vice" wardrobe.

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"Mad Men" - "The Quality of Mercy"

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Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and Roger Sterling (John Slattery) in the "Mad Men" episode, "The Quality of Mercy."

With Season 6 of "Mad Men" nearly over (the finale airs on Sunday, 6/23), fans are already looking to the future -- as in next year's series-ending season. While the current season will surely keep us nestled in tumultuous 1968 (no way will there be a flash forward for the finale), all bets are off for next season. The show has time-jumped in the past -- at most, a few years -- but who knows where Don Draper and company will land?

Draper already told his colleagues, "Call me around 1970, when Chevy decides to run an ad." Since we can't wait to see Don's Chevy Vega ads, let's hope there's just enough of a time jump when the show picks up next season.

But what could happen to our alter-egoed ad man in the later '70s and beyond?

The Atlantic has already reminded us that the relationship between the public and the advertising industry "hit the skids in the 1970s," when a Federal Trade Commission-driven crackdown on false and misleading ads kicked off, courtesy of Ralph Nader and "Nader's Raiders." That means the good times will surely be over for SCD & P as they tangle with FTC officers. (Because you know Campbell won't go quietly.)

While a stressed out Don couldn't possibly drink more than he already does (he may have reached a new low on the recent episode "The Quality of Mercy," when he snuck a shot of vodka into his OJ before Megan even kissed him good morning), he could turn to more mind-altering drugs as he heads into the Me Decade. But we've already seen Roger Sterling do that, and it's not pretty.

Although show star Jon Hamm has already declared that he doesn't want to see "Mad Men" move into the next decade ("I lived through the '70s, and I'd rather not get into those clothes again," the actor said), let's assume Draper survives the '70s and heads into the Reagan era.

TV Guide recently posted a humorous interview with comic and writer John McNamee, the man behind the spoof Twitter account @80sDonDraper. McNamee joked that the 1980s ad agency could be called "Sterling Cooper Draper Mr. T" and added that it's actually trendsetter Don Draper who taught Don Johnson how to get that "Miami Vice" blow-dried hair and T-shirt-under-jacket look.

The comic also dished on Draper's '70s survival, saying, "Don was in Studio 54 for the entirety of the '70s. He said it was for a client." And he extended his hopes that the character makes it to the '90s, because "someone's got to sell us all on Pogs."

From the twisted, faux '80s mind of Don Draper comes this tweet

Of course, if you're hoping to see Draper come of (old) age pitching bottled water and Furbys in the 1990s, Hamm is pretty sure you'll be waiting long time. He told Digital Spy, "Matt [Weiner] knows how this show is going to end. And I'll just leave it at that. But no, we're not going to go into the '90s with Don Draper."

Looks like we'll have to settle for Don's best 1980s slogans instead. Check them out:

"Mad Men" airs on Sundays at 10 PM on AMC.

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