Interesting Items Actors Have Taken from TV Sets as Souvenirs

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At Comic-Con 2013, "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall revealed that he plans to take a couple of items from the "Dexter" set as a souvenir. The items he chose included Dexter's watch and Dexter's lanyard. Beyond just the cast of "Dexter," it's a long-standing tradition for actors to take props off the set, as a reminder of their work. Here are some interesting items actors have taken from the sets of popular TV shows as a souvenir.

Olivia Wilde: Stethoscopes from the set of "House"

After Olivia Wilde hung up her "Thirteen" scrubs, she made off with a couple of stethoscopes from the "House" props department. According to Wilde, she wasn't the only member of the cast to sneak off with a souvenir stethoscope.

As it happens, Wilde's co-star Jesse Spencer took a couple of keepsakes when he left the show. He chose his favorite prop pen, along with his character's ID badge.

Ian Ziering: A bookcase from the set of "90210"

Ian Ziering, best known to TV fans as Steve Sanders on "Beverly Hills 90210," told reporters that he took a couple of big props off the set of the show when production wrapped. According to, Ziering made off with a bookcase and a jukebox from the Peach Pit. He didn't have permission to take those items, but he didn't get into trouble.

The cast of "Will & Grace" makes off with tons of loot

When "Will & Grace" wrapped, People reported that the stars each made off with some unique items to mark their time on the series. Debra Messing took the door to Grace's office, telling reporters that she intended to lean it up against a wall in her home as a piece of art.

Sean Hayes took a leather box from Will's desk, while Megan Mullally took a painting that was hanging on the set. As for Eric McCormack, his choice was a little more offbeat. He took a small ceramic dog.

The "Firefly" cast received personalized prop gifts

According to Television Without Pity, actor Ron Glass was given his character's Bible after the series was canceled. Co-star Adam Baldwin was given the head of the Jaynestown statue made in his likeness. Both items were later sold at auction in order to raise money for a charitable cause.

Allison Brie "borrowed" a prop from the set of "Community" and got busted

In an interview with Collider, "Community" star Allison Brie revealed that she had a tendency to break props on the set of the NBC comedy. Apparently, there was one day that she "borrowed" a mechanical cat's paw from the set to scare her friends with. The action did get her in trouble, but not too seriously.

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