Interview: Ryan Newman from 'See Dad Run' dishes on who runs things in the Hobbs house

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Interview: Ryan Newman from 'See Dad Run' dishes on who runs things in the Hobbs house

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The Hobbs Family from the Nick At Nite sitcom "See Dad Run"

Has any subject made better sitcom fodder than the dynamic between parents and kids? The classic topic is explored with an updated twist on the Nick At Nite series "See Dad Run," where former actor David Hobbs, played by Scott Baio, is now tackling the challenge of being the stay-at-home dad.

While his wife is pursuing her soap opera career, Hobbs takes care of his three children. The oldest, Emily Hobbs, is played by actress Ryan Newman. She sat down to chat to talk about her character, who will be guest starring on the show, and how writers ask for her advice to keep the show fresh. You can check new episodes Feb. 17 on Nick At Nite.

The show is about David Hobbs, played by Scott Baio, who was an actor and now is the stay-at-home dad trying to raise you and your two younger siblings. Tell me about your character Emily Hobbs.

I play Emily, and she is the oldest daughter of three. She is a teenager. She is going through the same things every teenager is going through. She has that dynamic with her siblings where she is a little sassy with them and bosses them around and gets annoyed by them. She is really sweet when it comes down to it. You get to see her build her relationship with her father, played by Scott Baio. It is really nice.

Now that your dad is home, you see him trying to adjust to being the stay-at-home dad. How has this affected Emily?

I think Emily at first was very distant from her father and didn't want to give him the benefit of the doubt. She didn't want to let him back in. So you see through the first season her starting to let him in, appreciate him, and get to know him. He then gets to know her.

In the episode titled "See Dad One Night Only," your character is an extra in a school play but gets the lead role after the producers of the play found out who your parents are. How was it filming that episode?

That was probably my favorite episode that has aired so far. That was so much fun to shoot. Emily is going through this thing where she doesn't want to be an actress. She doesn't want to be like her mom and dad. She is having the hardest time telling them that. She just feels like they are going to be devastated. There is this miscommunication where they think one thing and she thinks another thing, which leads to many jokes on the show.

Your character is trying to go out on dates, but your parents are not on board. Will we see your character finally get to go out on a date? Plus I love the way the show depicts today's generational gap between parents and kids on the show, especially with dating. Tell me your thoughts on that.

The writers are so fantastic about that. They are constantly asking me about things like that. They want to keep the show realistic. They want to keep it hip. They want to know what kids are doing and what kids are thinking. So I am close with the writers, producers, and creators. They are always coming up to me and asking me questions and trying to get my insight to make sure it works for my generation.

They also come up to me and ask me about technology. They ask what are the hip apps? What are they doing now? I once told them Snapchat was the cool thing. So they once wrote "Snaptalking" into the show.

Are there any special guest stars coming on the show in the upcoming episodes?

Yes, there is actually. The first episode that will air after the break is with James Maslow and Ted McGinley. It is such a fun episode. James comes back. He was on an episode before, and this will be his second episode. Ted McGinley plays Scott Baio's nemesis. I run for school president in that episode. There is a lot going on, but I think it was my favorite episode.

What will be in store for the Hobbs family, and will David be able to get things under control now that he is the stay-at-home dad?

No, it is definitely not old hat for him. I don't think it is old hat for anybody. I think he is getting better at it, but he hasn't been home for 10 years. He hasn't been a father really for 10 years, so he has a lot to learn.

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